House Votes to Audit Funds to Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Investigation

In a 207-201 vote, the House approved language calling for regular audits of the Mueller team's expenses.

Well, this is going to make some of the MAGA warriors happy.

In a 207-201 vote, the House voted on Friday to audit the expenses of special counsel Robert Mueller and his team.

The language was attached to a veterans, military construction, and energy and water spending bill, and was on its way to passage on Friday.

Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., has been pushing for an audit of the Mueller probe in part because he is seeking information about the scope of the investigation. His amendment “reestablishes a semiannual Government Accountability Office financial review of obligated expenditures” from Mueller's office.

Also, the GAO would be required to turn over the results of their audits to the Judiciary and Government Oversight committees.

"It's time for Congress to act to restore this key oversight provision," Meadows said. He is a senior member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee that would receive the audit.

This is just another strike in the current battle going on between the intelligence community and President Trump’s loyalists within the GOP.

Republican lawmakers have been at odds with the Department of Justice over a memo Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein wrote to Mueller last summer that provided the parameters of the Trump-Russia probe. The department has refused requests to turn over the memo, arguing earlier this month that doing so would “threaten the integrity” of the investigation.

And while they’re super-serious about finding out how much Mueller’s team has spent (the DOJ has reported $16.7 million in a bit over a year on expenses for special counsel), they’re less concerned about how much Trump has spent on his frequent trips to Mar-A-Lago.

At an estimated $1 million to $3 million per trip, and with his 17th trip in April, that puts expenses for the American taxpayers somewhere between $17 million and $51 million.


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Johnny J
Johnny J

How long with this take and will we ever here the out come?


The pardons alone are obvious witness tampering.

In the case of Comey, that was written last year before all of the evidence of corrupt intent came out. Ditto for the Deshowitz article.

And Mueller has yet to reveal his findings--but Trump is trying everything he can to prevent just that.

cynicalnerd Because it would require more than the exercise of powers available to him under Article II, it would require illegal acts designed to hinder the investigation with specifically corrupt intentions. With Clinton, it was witness tampering. With Nixon it was paying out hush money and the destruction of evidence.


@cynicalnerd -- Um, that's not how it works. Obstruction of Justice is still Obstruction of Justice regardless of whether the perp was found guilty of the original crime or not.

Otherwise every criminal in the country would just pay off all of their witnesses, or kill them, threaten them, or whatever. The prosecution won't find them guilty, surprise surprise, since they won't be able to perform their investigation properly.


@cynicalnerd - Firing Comey actually DOES qualify, if Trump fired him in attempt to make the Russia investigation go bye-bye. He admitted that's why he did it on TV, then recanted after realizing what he had set him self up for...Obstruction. He is incapable of acting innocent, which I'm sure if he was innocent, he would be capable of acting that way. Having Rudy go out and say that his "recollections are changing" is a convenient way of saying Trump is going to lie about anything he's asked about, he won't be able to tell the truth because at this point he's told so many different lies about everything he can't even keep them sorted. You don't need a good memory if you tell the truth and Rudy knows this. It might be the only thing Rudy truly knows at this point.