Horror: Telephone Abortions Will Soon be Here

Every pro-life leader and organization in the country should be getting ahead of this coming freight train of death now.

A story out of Australia not only reveals (yet again) the despicable lie that the practice of feticide known as abortion has anything to do with the well-being of women. In the land down under abortion advocates are celebrating the world’s first “over-the-phone” abortion service.

Given that most feticide occurs when an abortionist invades the sanctuary of a woman’s womb with traumatic instruments to tear a living baby to pieces or to poison and burn a living baby to death with saline, it’s logical to ask how exactly a phone abortion works. Here’s the opening of this tragic report:

Australia became the first country where women can legally access abortion pills without having to see a medical professional in person in 2015. Instead, women can order the pills over the phone from a private provider, called the Tabbot Foundation.

The Aussies may be the first to make this a legal practice, but it has been an objective of the abortion lobby in America for several years now. As telemedicine becomes increasingly common it is only logical that this push with intensify. Imagine the horror this could facilitate: every Planned Parenthood facility in America could offer abortions – even if they don’t have an abortionist on staff. A vulnerable woman goes, sits in a room, talks to a “doctor” on the screen, is persuaded to kill her child, states her desire, and the abortionist states away electronically triggers the dispensing of chemical abortion drugs that the woman takes there or at home.

So why do I suggest that this recent experiment of phone abortions proves that the movement cares nothing about women? This:

A study of the first 1000 women who used the service shows that over 95 per cent had an abortion at home with no complications.

Read another way, 5% of women who took these drugs at home experienced serious, severe, or even life-threatening complications. It’s bad enough that the abortion lobby fights laws that establish basic medical sanitation standards for their facilities.

  • When you object to the “doctors” you employ being required to have hospital admitting privileges for patients should something go wrong, you don’t care about women.
  • When you object to sterilization laws being applied to the invasive instruments that are used on clients at your facility, you don’t care about women.
  • And when you’re cool with rolling the dice on handing out lethal drugs that might kill or do serious harm to 1 in 20 of your patients, you don’t care about women.

Every pro-life organization in the country should be getting ahead of this coming freight train of death and attempt to secure legislation in every state to stop it – now, before it’s too late. If you belong to one, spread the word. If you don’t, why not?


Your strawman aside, yes different values. Society has determined that abortion is okay. You disagree and that's fine. But society can only work if we accept that sometimes we are on the losing end of an argument. Or would you be okay with the Left doing that to you? Imposing rules and legislation solely to put Pro-life institutions out of business?


That's nice. I don't disagree that women should take some responsibility for their actions. That is is wrong to punish someone for the errors committed by another. But that's not what's under discussion here. Abortion is legal. We can discuss why that shouldn't be so but at the moment those are the facts of life. What the discussion is about is merely a more efficient means to carry out what they currently have a legal right to do. I'm all for making arguments on why they shouldn't have abortions or ensuring they are medically save while they perform it. But its a different matter just to oppose something simply because you disagree with them rather than winning them over via argument. Considering one of my chief issues with the Left is that is what they do.


Ah well, different values.... So, BLM has different values so they're just fine doing whatever they want...ACLU sees a Different America - different values - so, that's just fine, too. Heck, The school shooters ALL had different values, so why are we trying to restrain them? Taking innocent life is wrong & evil.If these women can't/don't take the responsibility to learn to cross their legs and not give themselves away to every wolf out there, or at the very least, get real birth control, then they need to wake up to the responsibilities of their choices. The baby had noting to do with the women's responsibility choices. In the most loving action, give the baby up for adoption to a mom & dad who are willing to love & care for - thake the RESPONSIBILITY of this precious life.