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Hollywood's Liberalism Explained

Maybe there's a reason that the entertainment industry leans so far to the left.

It almost goes without saying that along with academia, Hollywood is one of the few unabashedly liberal institutions in America today. To be sure, Washington isn't that far behind it--but at least Republicans there pay lip service to conservatism when it suits them, usually around election time. As for the news media, while their leftist proclivities are well known, for some reason they still feel the need to maintain a pretense of objectivity--which is why you don't see an actual (D) next to the names of Lawrence O'Donnell and Brooke Baldwin, even while they're parroting Democrat talking points.

But Hollywood? That's another matter entirely.

In Hollywood, it's well known that having the wrong political beliefs beliefs can be a career killer. That's why conservatives and libertarians stay in the closet, keeping their opinions to themselves--at least until such a time as they're established enough to come out. But even at that, most Hollywood conservatives tend not to be overly political. James Woods, who has a reputation as a firebrand on Twitter, is an exception to the rule--but most tend to be more like Robert Downey, Jr. and Adam Sandler, who don't deny their Republican affiliations but don't make a big deal out of them either. They're big enough stars that they don't have to care, and yet they still put politics to the side in order to get along with their colleagues. Is it any wonder than in such an intellectual gulag, conservatives who have no power and influence keep their mouths shut?

Moreover, Hollywood seems proud of its intolerance. They make no bones about it, in fact, stopping just short of hanging out a sign that says conservatives need not apply.

But why is that?

Conventional wisdom would have you believe it's because people with liberal views tend to be more drawn to the arts than conservatives. While there's probably some truth to that, it still doesn't fully explain Hollywood's radical shift to the left. The collapse of the studio system--whose chiefs were largely conservative, at least politically--probably had more to do with it, because it created a power vacuum into which a younger generation of producers and directors rushed to fill the void. These people also brought with them the mores they gleaned from the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s, when "Anything Goes" went from being a show tune to a way of life. The casting couch evolved along the same lines. Even though it had been around since the Golden Age of Hollywood, there was no longer a need to be coy about it. What used to go on behind closed doors came out into the open, both on screen and off.

This was the environment into which Harvey Weinstein--and others like him--eventually slithered.

It would have been a lot harder for a man like that to operate in a more conservative environment, in which the old-fashioned morality of another time would have kept his predations largely at bay. Lucky for him, however, the revolutionaries of the previous generation had already laid the foundation for Weinstein--and he wasn't about to mess it up. As long as the Hollywood culture was unabashedly liberal--and as long as he spewed the correct leftist bromides about abortion and women's rights--he was free to pluck his pleasure from whatever tree was available. And so Weinstein--along with the other producers, directors and agents who ran the joint--set the public example for everyone else in Hollywood to follow. They moralized about liberal values, and how much better Hollywood was than the rest of America, and got the talent who worked for them to buy into it.

But it was all a con job. While Weinstein and his ilk talked the talk for women's issues, they abused women every chance they got. They set up a system in which it was simply expected, and the women--as good liberals themselves--were expected to go along with it.

Now that system is collapsing, like the studios that came before it. Hopefully some good can come of it, and something more positive can rush in to fill the void this time. But that won't happen so long as Hollywood maintains the conditions that allowed it to happen in the first place. Tolerating and even encouraging a few conservative values--chivalry, being a gentleman, treating a woman like a lady--would go a long way toward creating a culture in which the Weinsteins of the world can't fester.

This assumes, though, that the people who actually make Hollywood work don't get fooled again.

Pretty true article except it never explained why Hollywood tends to be liberal except the mention of the roots in the 1960s. There is more to it than that. I grew up in that time as did my brothers and we are all conservative. I believe there is a psychological component rooted in guilt. Most of these entertainers are vastly wealthy compared to the average American. But having that wealth makes them feel guilty making them feel they should give back to the public, not by any serious sharing of their wealth but by lip service to liberal/socialist causes including wealth redistribution (for others, of course), and every other. It's easy to tell everyone else how to live and it soothes their aching conscience doing do.

Howdy, Wayne! You're correct that a lot of the Hollywood rank and file are experiencing a certain amount of "affluenza" and adopt leftist political beliefs as a way of assuaging their guilt. That doesn't answer, however, why Hollywood is structurally liberal--which was the point of my article. I think that the people who really run Hollywood--the producers, the agents, the studio executives--don't feel one ounce of guilt over anything, and have deliberately created a liberal atmosphere in order to license their own bad behavior. It's a variation on what Al Franken or Bill Clinton's defenders have said: "Well, he does so much good for women's rights, we can excuse the occasional episodes of sexual harassment." Guys like Weinstein have figured out that by mouthing the correct platitudes about abortion and equal pay will buy them cover for when they feel like dropping trou and spanking the monkey in front of pretty actresses--and for years, it's worked like a charm. But it's all nothing but a con job. If these guys truly respected women--and actually believed what they said about political issues--they won't treat them like sex toys.

The culture has been captured by the "Iron Triangle" (Dan Bongino). The" Iron Triangle" is Academia (no longer teaches logic, critical thinking and reasoning but, rather indoctrinates through distilled Propaganda the creation of Progressive Activists, the Media better called the Praetorian Guard Media which has become the PR Firm/SuperPac of the Democrat Party and finally Hollywood who through their wealth, fame and celebrity status appose THEIR VST ACCUMULATION BY PRETENDING TO CARE FOR THE DISADVANTAGED. The Family, Religion, Individualism and Virtue is ongoing and intense.


Hollywood is about the arts. So, they want the maximum freedom of expression (as they see it) and always push for more. They're as zealous in their defense of the First Amendment as many on this site would be in defending the Second Amendment. Those who oppose the prevailing view/politics in Hollywood tend to be ostracized to some degree. Sort of the same way somebody speaking in favor of gun control would get shouted down at an NRA event.

You have to look no further than to know the key of David, the four hidden dynasties of Zechariah and who is in control of those dynasties. They control most of the media including Television, News and print. Our political systems, financial systems, educations systems and religious systems.

@Revelation29 And who is over the hidden four? Who knows? I used to believe it was David Icke's Reptilian Hybrids, but now I'm pretty sure it's the Annunaki that Ancient Aliens told us about. Or conspiracy theories, even those based in Scripture are all deeply stupid and wrong-headed. How about the conspiracy that it's just people being their sinful fallen selves? No Illuminati need apply.

Sons of Cain. It is what the word Kenite means. There is a group of people that get a bad rap because of them. Read Revelation 2:9 and 3:9. It is the key to understanding the Key Of David. Also "Learn the Parable of the Fig Tree" Matthew 24:32. And John 8:44. You will learn who the first murderer was and who his father was.