Hillary Supporters Refuse Comey's Apology

If James Comey was hoping to find forgiveness from liberals, he's going to be disappointed.

Poor James Comey can't catch a break. He destroys Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign and Trump STILL fired him. Now, he's written a book justifying his actions and hit the media circuit promoting it. But after his first interview last Sunday with liberal softball pitcher George Stephanopoulos, Clinton supporters are still holding a grudge.

Some pundits have opined that Comey's book and his negative comments about Donald Trump are just an attempt to get back into the good graces of liberals. If that was his goal, it's been an utter failure. In interviews in various media outlets, former Clinton supporters and advisers are still blaming Comey for their loss in 2016.

Supporter Neera Tanden Tweeted out “Karma really delivered the punch to Comey. He helped elect the guy who’d fire him — to obstruct Justice.”

The Hill quoted one unnamed supporter saying “Nobody is satisfied with anything he’s been saying. We thought that Comey was always a factor in her loss, but now nobody can deny that perceptions were changed because of it.”

Former 2008 Clinton campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle still blames Comey for Clinton's loss. “I think he displayed unreliably poor judgment in the Clinton investigation by bucking procedures and having a press conference when there were no charges brought." Her 2016 campaign manager John Podesta called it “one of the worst errors of judgment in post-Hoover FBI history."

Even his comments on Trump aren't enough to grant him absolution. “The damage Comey did to the country by the role he played in the election far, far surpasses any credit he now gets for calling Trump out,” said Jared Bernstein.

Lanny Davis called Comey a "renegade narcissist" on Fox News. “What he was really doing was protecting his political rear end with the Republicans because he thought that Hillary Clinton was going to get elected."

And THAT'S the problem right there. Comey, along with most of America, assumed that Hillary Clinton was going to be the next president. I'm sure that knowledge hung over the entire FBI. How would you feel about being in charge of an investigation of your future boss? For all the chants of "Lock her up!" there was a zero percent chance that Hillary Clinton was ever going to jail. The Obama Justice Department under Loretta Lynch was never going to prosecute her. If James Comey had found Hillary Clinton standing over Joe Biden's dead body with the murder weapon in her hand, Obama STILL would have pardoned her. So, Comey punted the investigation. He could have just turned over his findings to Lynch. He didn't have to hold a press conference. His comments weren't enough to convince Clinton's supporters that she was guilty and they certainly weren't enough to convince her detractors that she was innocent. Instead, Trump won and everything was turned upside down. Now, Clinton's real punishment will be a life sentence of knowing that she will never be president. She and her supporters personally blame James Comey for that.

Maybe Clinton and her cheering squad should spend some time in self reflection. Their determination to foist Hillary Clinton on the American people made them blind to her very obvious weaknesses. But they managed to shove all the viable Democratic contenders out of the race, leaving them with only the laughable Bernie Sanders to vanquish. Then they hit the electoral jackpot when the Republicans abandoned all reason and made Donald Trump their nominee. With all that going for them, there was no way they were going to lose a second time.

And still, they lost.

Hillary will never get over it. Clearly, her supporters haven't gotten over it yet. Maybe James Comey was the deciding factor and maybe he wasn't. But it's certainly easier to blame him than each other.

No. 1-1

It doesn't matter who Hillary blames for her loss. Comey wasn't to blame. He just added something to his resume of bad leadership at the FBI. Of all the people who Hillary blames, until she admits she ran a sick, stunted campaign, it won't matter. And until someone indicts and prosecutes Hillary, the American people will continue to reduce their support for the rule of law by dropping off the voting registers. Trump got his win because he stood for the rule of law, and conservative ideas. And, even with all the Republicans who came out against him, myself included, it was enough for him to win. If he does run again, I will vote for him because I know the leftist candidate will do the harm they have always done, and President Trump has done what he said he would, to the extent Congress has allowed for that.