Hillary Clinton Offers Up Yet Another Excuse For Her Loss

Nikki Haley would like a word, Mrs. Clinton.

The spectacle of watching Hillary Clinton tick off the list of reasons why she lost the election to Donald Trump does nothing but continue to make her appear as a bitter loser who cannot get over the results.

In yet another example, Clinton says part of the reason she lost is because a "large proportion of the population is uneasy with women in leadership positions." You can see her comments here:

The problem, of course, is those comments have no merit. And all one has to do is examine the popularity of Nikki Haley, the United States Ambassador to the United Nations. It's a crucial role in leadership and a recent poll shows the American people are very comfortable with her there:

Oops. Can someone close to Hillary Clinton please tell her to just stop offering up lame excuses for her loss? She doesn't have to "go away" as some people suggest. But we are nearly two years beyond the 2016 presidential election. Sometimes it is better to let something go.

Who cares? Why are you writing about this woman? Why is ANYBODY writing about this woman? In almost forty years of following politics, I can't ever remember a time a year and a half after a presidential election where followers/fans of the winning party were still obsessing over what the losing candidate was saying about it. People move on and the losing candidate is forgotten, fading into obscurity. Why can't that be the case with Hillary Clinton? (There is an answer to this question - namely, that Trump's GOP doesn't truly believe it can win without Mrs. Clinton as the face of the Democrats, even if they have to festoon that face on them themselves. Doesn't say much about Trumpie confidence, does it?)

Hillary who?

Trump Cares... Because without Hillary or a similar imbecile as the face of the Dems... He can't win again...