Hey, Can the 2020 GOP Convention Meet at Your House? Because...

American cities apparently have...concerns about holding Trumpapalooza II in their streets. Gee, wonder why.

Weird. The RNC is having trouble finding a host city for the 2020 convention, The Hill reports. Even though hosting a national party’s convention can bring a substantial boost to the local economy, it seems nobody’s champing at the bit to be ground zero for Trump’s week-long nomination extravaganza.

Ya think?

In Peak Outrage Era America, where chicken sandwiches and misuse of pronouns can trigger mass riots, a Trump-re-coronation hootenanny might reasonably be expected to attract an uncivil protester or two. While we lucked out in 2016--which never quite hit ‘68 Chicago levels of violence--it goes without saying that partisan tensions haven’t exactly eased in the past two years.

The GOP is insisting the difficulty in finding a venue is not due to the divisive political climate, but rather an issue of security concerns and expenses. Because security concerns apparently have nothing to do with the divisive political climate, I guess…

The RNC’s site selection committee head, Ron Kaufman, claims the GOP traditionally only looks at three to four bids per cycle--the 2016 consideration of six cities was unusually high. But…in reality the 2020 list is comparable to 2016, just with most of the names crossed out like Beatrix Kiddo got hold of it.

The Hill reports that as many as seven cities were originally in the mix. Then San Antonio dropped out. Then Nashville. And Philly, and Vegas… Basically, the GOP’s only got three landing spots at this point, and only one of those is openly expressing any interest: Charlotte, NC.

Maybe just Facebook Live it if you’re that anxious about a new civil war, guys.

No. 1-4


The Republican base is rural and suburban, even without trump.

The political 'issue' of the future is the impending conflict between the authoritarian urban left, and everyone else...

With that said, Trump conflicts stuff alot, and yeah... His base is in the Southeast...

Plenty of places west of the Mississippi (the land of actual conservatism) that would normally host a traditional GOP convention... Starting with the various large cities in Texas, also Salt Lake City, Boise, and so on...

Trump? Not so much...


INDIANAPOLIS! We have the GenCon convention, the FFA convention & several big conventions every year. We've also got good police and a LOT of conservatives... maybe not exactly in the city, but surrounding it... We've also got a "well-armed citizenry" if needed.


Who wouldn't want 4 days of the Alt right clashing in their streets with BLM and Antifa? What could go wrong? Oh yeah. Charlottesville.


The Republican convention will be
y in the South.. Eliminate the sanctuary cities. The Trump base is rural and suburban. What city in fly-over--country is large enough to hold the comvention?