Here They Are: The 3 Worst Twitter Hot Takes on the Florida Shooting

It’s hard to say what the worst Twitter is, but Post-School Shooting Twitter has to be among the most maddening.

It’s hard to say what the worst Twitter is, but Post-School Shooting Twitter has to be among the most maddening. Everyone is super-emotional, everyone’s got a passionate opinion, everyone is uninformed, everyone is convinced that anybody who disagrees with them is responsible for the incident.

Yesterday in the aftermath of the massacre in Parkland, Florida was no different. But amongst all the drivel, here were perhaps the three worst takes out there.

  1. Former television host and alleged comedian Chelsea Handler, who left her job months ago to go make the world a better place. Apparently she thinks hot takes on Twitter accusing political opponents of mass murder is how to do that:

First of all, it wasn’t that long ago that Democrats controlled the White House and both chambers of Congress. So politically, this response isn’t even logical. Further, not that the “blood on your hands” accusation is anything new, but what is actually disgusting is to level such a hateful charge without ever pointing to what anyone could have actually done to stop this. What law would have prevented it? There’s never an answer.

  1. I had to watch this twice to actually believe what I was seeing. A Democrat Senate candidate in Tennessee apparently took to Twitter to post a video in the immediate moments surrounding the shooting for the sole purpose of mocking those who were praying for the injured and families of the slain. Shane Morris is an out-and-proud atheist who apparently thought he could make the tragedy unfolding in real time better by criticizing those who pray.

You have to see it to believe it here.

I could be wrong, but I’m guessing the Tennessee Democrat party is going to do their best to put some distance between themselves and Mr. Morris.

  1. But hands down the worst Florida shooting Twitter hot take had to go to ultra-left horror author Stephen King. His hatred of Republicans is well known, but who knew that such an accomplished (if not disturbed) author could struggle so badly with reading comprehension.

Hours before the shooting took place, Republican media consultant Rick Wilson posted a criticism of Donald Trump on Twitter that said, “You’re a h*** of a lot more likely to be killed in FL by an opioid overdose than MS-13. But muh base.”

His implication is about as clear as it can be: Trump is exploiting people’s fear of the international criminal gang MS-13 when he should be paying attention to the opioid crisis. King didn’t grasp that, apparently. Nor did he realize that MS-13 was a crime gang, instead making the embarrassing assumption that it was some kind of military assault rifle. That confusion led to this public humiliation for King:

This is yet another reason that in moments of tragedy, it’s best to stay off of social media and instead do something useful, like maybe praying for those in harm’s way? Just don’t tell Shane Morris.

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No. That's why I wrote a piece first detailing what I thought needed to be done to protect our kids. I later wrote a piece that you have now taken the time to comment on that addressed some of the most unproductive responses.


A madman just gunned down 17 schoolkids in Florida ... and your focus/personal outrage is the reaction on Twitter??