Here’s Why Last Night Probably Just Re-Elected Trump

Liberals disappointed in what happened last night may have to wait two years before they actually see the worst of it.

I am not anywhere remotely close to the political left. I see the world completely differently than many who are. In fact, I find the public policy ideas of the far left as dangerous to prosperity and damaging to national morality. Still, as I watched the results of the midterm elections pour in last night, I couldn’t help but feel a little bad for them.

I’ve written before about how the far left is home to those whose god is government. It is the agency that brings hope or dispels it; the institution through which deliverance is achieved or denied. It brings ultimate power, and power is everything. To lose control of it then, is nothing short of apocalyptic. It demands riots, protests, weeping, gnashing of teeth, and a vocal, unrelenting anger. This is precisely what the country has seen of the left since 2016.

But 2018 promised to be the left’s redemption. Yet many liberal progressives are waking up today feeling underwhelmed. Beto lost. Andrew Gillum lost. Bill Nelson lost. Stacey Abrams lost. Almost every red state Democrat who voted with the mob against Brett Kavanaugh lost.

And the U.S. Senate once thought to be in play for a Democrat takeover? Republicans surged so strongly that should another Supreme Court vacancy appear in the next two years, there is no need to woo Lisa Murkowski or Susan Collins in order to confirm Justice Amy Coney Barrett, a staunchly pro-life judge who loathes the legal practice of child sacrifice. Not to mention that Trump’s judicial appointments to lower courts will sail through the confirmation process.

They had been promised a blue wave. Every Cruz tweet for the last four months was followed by thousands of out-of-state, left-wing taunts about his political death. Political twitter was overly populated with names of activists that included a “wave” emoji as a visual representation of their giddy anticipation of a massive Democrat takeover.

Even if the face of a hard truth, their media cheerleaders kept up the harsh ruse. Jim Acosta, who apparently believes himself to be the face of the #Resistance in media tweeted:

> “When the House (but not the Senate) went to GOP under Obama in 2010, it was a big deal. If it switches back under Trump, also a big deal.”

In 2010, Republicans picked up 63 seats. That’s just less than double the amount that Democrats took last night. It was a seismic shift that hadn’t been seen for over six decades. Also in 2010, though they didn’t take the Senate, Republicans gained 6 seats. As mentioned, Democrats lost serious ground in the Senate last night.

And the one shining moment for the left? The takeover of the House of Representatives. I can’t shake this feeling that all things being equal, it ends up being what re-elects Donald Trump in 2020. And here’s why.

Had Republicans held, Trump would have been expected to deliver legislatively – something he really didn’t do the last two years. Now, Republican voters will give him a pass on that. And Trump, who thrives on division, has now been handed the perfect foil – a gavel wielding Nancy Pelosi.

If you don’t think that’s a dream set-up for the Trump trolling that animates his base, look at Pelosi’s performance last night. She stepped behind a microphone and gave the rallying cry:

> “Let’s hear it for more pre-existing medical conditions!”

No honest leftist can say that they want to be on the defending side of that ignorance when Trump gleefully shines the glaring spotlight of his Twitter feed on it.

But it’s not just Pelosi. Each of the House committees will be chaired by establishment Democrats, including Maxine Waters who openly called for stalking and violence against Trump supporters. It’s a metaphysical certitude that this crew will launch a bevy of investigations and political stunts, all of which will go precisely nowhere. The witch hunt will be breathlessly assisted by the media with tantalizing tales of impending impeachment. Impeachment that will never materialize and even if it did, would die in the Senate chamber.

The litany of investigations will be viewed as petulant, pointless harassment by many Americans, including independents. And Trump will play the victim perfectly. I could be totally wrong of course. But I just have this feeling that liberals who are waking up today disappointed in what happened yesterday may have to wait two years before they actually see the worst of it.

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More wishful thinking in this write up! What you fail to address is the shifting demographics we saw in this last election. How the suburban demographic is moving away from the Republican party and are not enthralled by this presidents divisive rhetoric. In years past candidates like Gillum and Abrams would not have been remotely competitive in Florida and Georgia. However they actually ran competitively and scared the bejesus out of the Republicans. So things aren't moving towards Trump and his Ilk as much as you think.


Last night didn't re-elect Trump. It popped his bubble of "get tired of all the winning." His agenda is dead, there will be no funding for a wall, there will be no new tax cuts that he claimed. No repeal of the ACA.

FL shifted blue. I know that sounds weird, but with 1.4 million felons having their voting rights restored, and the majority of those being groups that lean Dem, it's true.

Trump is driving a re-alignment of the two parties. The GOP is rapidly becoming the party of the rural land, and not much else. Trump is shifting the suburbs from red to blue. He is also running up the votes in rural areas. This is not good long term for the GOP because it's basically the same self gerrymandering the Dems did in urban areas years ago.

We are seeing the long term cost of white evangelical identity politics. People who didn't like it when the Dems played identity politics, still don't like it when the GOP does it.


Sorry, but last night is big-trouble for Trump if he can't make nice with the GOP as-it-existed before he was elected.

Without the suburban votes & the support of WI & PA... How exactly does he get re-elected.

Time to forget about border walls, tariffs & other red-meat for the trucker-hat crowd, and focus on party unity...

Else the people who just gave the House to the Dems (country club Republicans) will give the Presidency to them too...


Counting on electoral gains based upon how much YOU loathe the opposition is false bravado. A dry well. Setting yourself up for shocking disappointment. In practice it never turns out that way, especially for the Right. I recall vividly how we were convinced twenty six years ago that there was no way on Earth that the American people would elect a dope-smoking draft dodger president. Then it happened. Twice. Fast forward to ten years ago. We simply could not believe that the American people would elect an avowed Marxist to the highest office in the land. Then they did. Twice.

Climb out of your bubble of existential cloture, Mr. Heck, and confront the brutal reality: Donald Trump is an accidental president who benefited from the historic weakness of his 2016 opponent - something that will never recur - is massively unpopular, has a rafter of weaknesses and vulnerabilities, a shrinking base, and effectively lost the three crucial "blue" States he flipped last time. Politically he's a dead man walking. If you're counting on the same complacent "the American people would NEVER choose the 'progressive' Left," trope to bail out your hopes yet again, you're in for another very rude awakening.


I think you are right on, Peter. Trump now has his foil for the next 2 years and they will overreach, like always. The GOP has an understandable excuse for not doing anything legislatively, which they didn't do much of the last 2 years and would have done even less with a narrower House majority, even with the Senate gains.

Meanwhile, the Democrat base will expect the House to shut down Trump on every front, much like the GOP base did when we won the House against Obama. They will be less successful than the GOP because unlike the Democrats, the GOP wouldn't have pushed major legislation anyway. The GOP legitimately was able to block some bad stuff. Their base won't accept failure, and go more nuts than they already are. That will cause overreach, which will turn Trump into the victim.

In 2 years, the narrow win of the House will become a Pyrrhic victory for the Democrats.