Heartless airline forces student to flush hamster!

Someone please tell me this is "fake news."

Last week I wrote that we had reached "peak absurdity" with the emotional support peacock story.

Clearly, I was wrong.

Today, the Miami Herald published a story that a college student claims that Spirit Air refused to allow her to board the plane with her "emotional support hamster" and after failing to rent a car or contact someone to retrieve the hamster, she was forced into an act of desperation suggested by an airline employee.

She flushed her hamster down the toilet.

Spirit Air admits they did initially tell this poor young woman that she could board with her pet then reversed that after she arrived at the airport. But they vehemently deny telling her to flush the hamster. (http://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/community/miami-dade/article198971069.html)

Color me skeptical, but I'm having a hard time believing this. So, this girl loved this hamster SO MUCH that she couldn't bear to fly without it, and yet she FLUSHED IT DOWN AN AIRPORT TOILET???? She says she was unable to rent a car, but she couldn't just stay at school, she couldn't call animal control or find a sympathetic airport employee to take care of the rodent for a week? She didn't take the employee's other supposed suggestion and just set it free?

Every news outlet in the country has run this story today. Did any of them bother to check this story? Were there any witnesses to the alleged flushing? Wouldn't that have caused the airport to have problems with the plumbing? Hasn't this woman just admitted to an act of animal cruelty?

I am desperately hoping that she made up this story in an attempt to win sympathy or sue the airline for big bucks. If not, I hope someone arrests her and she's forbidden from ever owning a pet again.

RIP Pebbles.

How could someone who is suppose to depend on this cute little guy for support simply flush him down the toilet? I am not a person who ever needed such support but they'd have to flush me down the drain before I'd do something like that. Didn't she have parents she could call for advice? I think there's more to this story than meets the printed page.

Wait a minute here... said hamster was a "emotional support" rodent? Meaning Ms. College Student has emotional issues? And yet she was able to emotionally deal with the alleged flushing just fine? I smell a rat.

I think we're all being Guinea Pigs...errr...hamsters...for the media to see just how much hype we'll believe. Personally, I smell a hamster...ooops...rat!

On a positive note, it does create a new cheer for the airlines... "We've got Sprit, yes we do! Send that rodent down the loo! Spirit, Spirit, Yaaaaaaaayyyy!"

A sacrifice to the Porcelain Goddess... hmm, very pagan for an airline named Spirit, eh?