Happy Mother’s Day…Because You Didn’t Kill Your Kid!

What’s up with Planned Parenthood’s bizarre Mother’s Day tweet?

One of my favorite things about Mother’s Day is the various tributes you see to moms on social media. I love reading my friends’ heartfelt expressions of gratitude toward their moms, and I even enjoy seeing celebrities give Mom the credit for instilling the values in them that pointed to success.

Different organizations get in on the action too, and the sentiments are usually sweet. And then there’s the one from Planned Parenthood.

The tweet shows three women, each with a young child, and a couple of quotes. I’m assuming that the women in the graphic are the women quoted, but they could be stock photos. Either way, it’s every bit as disgusting as you would imagine.

On the graphic, an employee named Raquel is quoted as saying, “I’m a proud mother working for Planned Parenthood. I want my son growing up learning sex education and live a healthy and safe reproductive life.” Raquel’s cute toddler son is too young to know what his mommy does for a living, but one day he’ll learn that she kills babies at work. And correct me if I’m wrong, but won’t he get sex education from his parents and/or the schools rather than from Planned Parenthood? Maybe kids learn sex ed at Planned Parenthood while their moms are getting mammograms.

Another quote on the graphic, this time from a Planned Parenthood patient named Shawanna, reads, “Being a mother makes me very appreciative for our rights: all women should have the choice to do what they want with their own body.” Shawanna carries a young boy on her back. Maybe one day he’ll see this tweet and thank God that she didn’t abort him.

The text of the tweet reads, “We're committed to fighting for a world where all mothers can live healthy lives, and raise their children in peace.” Yet every year, hundreds of thousands of children don’t get the chance to be raised in peace thanks to Planned Parenthood. The way I see it, these folks are the last ones who get to say “Happy Mother’s Day.”

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Well said, Alan.


I support a woman's right to choose. It's the timing of her choice I have a problem with. Seems to me she should make that decision before she gets pregnant... then take whatever steps necessary to prevent conception. But then that would be practicing personal responsibility.