Happy Festivus! Here's my list of grievances:

It's a list that seems to grow longer each year.

If you want a really good list of grievances, go check out Senator Rand Paul's Twitter feed. But here's my personal list of things that really chap my hide:

Why haven't they cancelled "The Bachelor" yet? This is the most grotesque display of chauvinism and cattiness ever put on television.

Slower traffic keep right! How hard is that to remember, people?

Quit leaving the mayonnaise out on the counter. Put it back in the refrigerator where you found it.

Can whoever is running social media for the GOP please tone down the propaganda just a hair? It's starting to sound like Kim Jong Un's PR department.

The Atlanta Falcons really need to learn how to run out the clock in the 4th quarter.

Will department stores PLEASE start carrying clothing that normal American women can actually wear? And shoes that we can walk in?

Why haven't grocery stores quit accepting checks yet? And has the "extreme couponing" phase finally passed?

Roy Moore needs to go ahead and concede and then fade away into obscurity forever.

Ditto Hillary Clinton.

Rupert Murdoch needs to hurry up and retire so that his sons can make Fox News watchable again.

Can we finally get a white Christmas here in the South?

Will the people in charge of college football finally get over their Ohio State obsession? Going undefeated in the Big 10 isn't the great accomplishment you keep claiming it is.

If you hate Christmas music, just listen to talk radio or put a CD player in your car. Let the rest of us enjoy it.

We need a universal agreement to quit letting people cut in front of 5 miles of people that have been patiently waiting their turn to exit or make a left turn.

Can we go back to awarding movies and TV shows that more than 50 people outisde of NYC actually watched? And keep political speeches out of the awards shows?

Will somebody please invent a self-folding fitted sheet?

Just because I don't like dogs doesn't make me unpatriotic.

We need a list of restaurants where adults can go to dine in piece without being disturbed by shrieking children.

And most important: we need political leaders who will be honest with us and not promise us things they have no intentions or means of enacting. And everyone needs to accept the fact that they will never have everything 100% the way we want it. Not because our leaders are spineless but because this is a large country with some deep and serious divisions. And those other people get to have representation just like you do.

No. 1-8

Merrie_Soltis---- Still supporting the NFL and you hate dogs. You just made my shiit list.


@357_Magnum----- That's NOT funny! Even though you and the other two f'n jerks think so.



JASimus, you can get a ticket for that in this state. Even if you're going the speed limit. If everyone has to go around you on the right, you're a danger to traffic.


If you’re an actor shut up and act. If you’re a singer shut up and sing. I don’t care what you think about politics.


Slower traffic doesn't mean slow traffic. If I'm in the left lane and I'm doing 65 in a 55 zone and some jerk flips his brights at me, I'll do my level best to stay in front of him to the ends of the Earth.