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Hamas Senior Leader Dead

Imad al-Alami dies of "accidental" gunshot wound to the head

A “senior leader” of Hamas and one of its founders died three weeks ago, it has now been reported. According to official Hamas reports, Imad al-Alami “was reportedly inspecting his own gun on January 9 when it accidentally discharged.” If true, al-Alami failed to follow the four rules of gun safety; a mistake which he will never make again.

However, no one seems to believe that this was really an accident. Rather, it has been speculated that he was either assassinated or committed suicide. Some believe that he was despondent over losing a leg in a 2014 injury, while others believe rivals within Hamas killed him.

Hamas (an acronym for the Arabic phrase translated “Islamic Resistance Movement” which itself means “zeal”) is a Sunni Muslim terrorist group which has been fighting Israel since 1987. It currently rules over the Gaza Strip, but seeks to destroy Israel in order to set up a Palestinian state over the rest of Israeli territory. Its tactics include suicide bombings and rocket attacks. Iran is the major backer of Hamas, and al-Alami was a proponent of maintaining close ties with Iran. He had also been specifically designated as a terrorist by the United States in 2003.

Whatever the cause of his death, al-Alami has come to the end foreseen by Shakespeare:

These violent delights have violent ends - (Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet, Act 2 Scene 6)

(Image: Youtube screen grab)

That is probably as accidental as a random drive by shooting happens to discharge 23 shots into a mob boss, who was the unlucky random person who just happened to be there when it happened.

So I guess we’ll be seeing new “leadership” from hamas?


They had to wait to report this until his successor was able to consolidate his power.