Guess Who Is Making Upgrades to their Nuclear Reactor Site?

Recent satellite images show that promises and ceremony are no match for actual agreements.

Is it too early to say I told you so?

I mean, many of us did warn that while President Trump was alienating our allies and neighbors, while praising and capitulating to a murderous dictator, whose regime has been [credibly] compared to Nazi Germany, that it would end badly.

No one has ever been able to trust North Korea or the Kim regime. Donald Trump gave them legitimacy, made Kim Jong Un look like a rock star on the world stage, pretty much handed them everything they wanted on a silver platter, and got nothing but vague assurances in return.

But Trump is some great negotiator, right?

Speaking of those vague assurances, one was that the hermit nation would set about denuclearizing. Trump was sure it was going to happen, and the red-capped masses are still patting themselves on the back about how Trump will bring peace on earth, good will towards all men.

Nevermind that the house is burning down around them. It’s fine.

So back to that denuclearization thing:

North Korea has continued to upgrade its only known nuclear reactor used to fuel its weapons program, satellite imagery has shown, despite ongoing negotiations with the US and a pledge to denuclearize.


According to a monitoring group called 38 North, satellite images from a week ago (June 21) show that rapid infrastructure improvements at the Yongbyon nuclear plant continue.

So what’s happening, so far?

The cooling system for the plutonium production reactor has been modified and at least two new non-industrial buildings have been built on the site, possibly for use by visiting officials. A new engineering office building has been completed and construction has continued on support facilities throughout the complex, according to a blog post written by Frank V Pabian, Joseph S Bermudez Jr and Jack Liu.

Please, can we hear more from President Trump about how he and Kim understand each other? How he trusts him (while he continues to slam our neighbors and allies, of course)? I especially want to hear again how he wants his people to treat him the way North Korea’s terrorized populace treats Kim.

“Infrastructure improvements continue at Yongbyon,” Jenny Town, managing editor of 38 North, wrote on Twitter. “Underscores reason why an actual deal is necessary, not just a statement of lofty goals.”

Yes, that’s what actual negotiators, diplomats, and anybody with an above room temperature IQ have insisted, from the beginning.

The status of various parts of the nuclear complex remains unclear, and experts cautioned linking ongoing improvements to negotiations with the US.

“Continued work at the Yongbyon facility should not be seen as having any relationship to North Korea’s pledge to denuclearize,” the experts warned. “The North’s nuclear cadre can be expected to proceed with business as usual until specific orders are issued from Pyongyang.”

So… an actual deal is necessary, rather than a statement of lofty goals, then?

Yeah. We said that.

Diplomatic moves between North Korea and South Korea continue, even with this latest development.

I think it’s a safe bet to assume South Korea, seeing that they have no one with a backbone in Washington to support them, feel it best they play it cool and attempt to court their crazy uncle to the north, at least until someone with courage and commonsense can have their back.

I wouldn’t count on China or Russia, and they can’t count on the U.S., right now.

Meanwhile, dissidents, alleged enemies of the state, and Christians remain imprisoned in North Korea’s gulags, and the only thing that has changed is Kim’s status in the world.

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I'm pretty sure it's time for your meds, Colonel.


Give this heap of crap time, but let's wrap up the Mueller investigation ASAP.

Paul C
Paul C

To understand what Trump will do next, all you need to do is understand what Putin wants.


Give it time. Unlike Obama Trump will not settle for anything less than full verification. If NK does not fulfill their agreement no deal will be made.


I agree with Susan. Trump made of fool of himself and the U.S. by praising Kim Jong Un and being willing to trust him. Kim has proved Trump wrong. I am a proud #NeverTrump AND #NeverHillary voter. Nothing Trump does or says will change my mind. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still evil.