Grotesque: Jimmy Carter Claims Jesus Would Approve of Aborting Innocent Children

For Carter to say that Jesus approves of slaughtering children is a grave sin of utter blasphemy. May God forgive him.

The number of people who regard Jimmy Carter’s presidency as anything better than a monumental failure is painfully small. It takes a special kind of incompetence to maximize both inflation and unemployment at the same time, after all.

But far fewer people could find good reason to criticize his post-presidential life of service. Habitat for Humanity is a model organization that has done, and continues to do, so many positive things for so many people in need. It was a perfect embodiment of the Christian character that Carter always professed. How I wish we could have all just left it at that and allow Carter to ride off into the sunset, having rewritten his failed political legacy with his acts of benevolent goodwill done in Christ’s name.

Instead, the folks over at HuffPost Live thought it wise to shove a microphone in Carter’s face and ask him to verbally exchange Christian truth for the spirit of the age. And perhaps unsurprisingly for a man still desperate to earn the earthly accolades that have eluded him thanks to a miserable presidency, Carter was more than happy to do it.

Asked about whether he approved of gay marriage, Mr. Carter responded, “That’s no problem with me.”

“I think everybody should have a right to get married regardless of their sex,” he continued.

First of all, why is anyone asking Jimmy Carter what he thinks about gay marriage? What is the point of this line of questioning? It’s not as though anyone – including his own Democrat Party – cares about his current policy preferences anyway.

Secondly, Carter’s believe that “everyone should have a right to get married regardless of their sex” is a bizarre statement. No one has been denied the ability to marry on account of sex. What was forbidden legally, and what is unsupported Scripturally is to marry someone the same sex as you are. That isn’t sexism, or the denial of marriage on account of sex. It’s setting moral parameters for what constitutes marriage. Just like a person cannot marry a close relative, a person cannot marry a minor, a person cannot marry an animal, etc.

Thirdly, Carter’s rejection of Jesus’s view on marriage is his own prerogative, but he didn’t leave it there. Instead, he plunged into full-on blasphemy:

“I believe that Jesus would approve of gay marriage, but that’s just my own personal belief,” he later added. “I think Jesus would encourage any love affair if it was honest and sincere and was not damaging to anyone else, and I don’t see that gay marriage damages anyone else.”

Ben Ford and Kim West have an honest and sincere love affair and don’t appear to be damaging anyone else. Given Carter’s formula, Jesus would encourage their relationship. Ford is West’s son that she put up for adoption 30 years ago, but has since reconnected with – and become lovers. Perhaps there’s a little more to understanding sexual morality than something you hear on The Bachelor, Mr. Carter. You would think a man who brags about teaching Sunday School would grasp that.

But Carter wasn’t done with his betrayal of Jesus to gain some HuffPo street cred. It actually got worse:

Turning to the issue of abortion, Mr. Carter said he’s had a long, spiritual struggle trying to decide whether Jesus would approve.

“I have had a problem with abortion. And this has been a long-time problem of mine,” he said. “I have a hard time believing that Jesus would approve abortions unless it was because of rape or incest or if the mother’s life was in danger. So I’ve had that struggle.”

Jimmy Carter needs to repent. Now.

Imagining Carter looking into the eyes of Rebecca Kiessling, or any of the other children of rape – each bearing the image of the God Carter claims to serve – who are both precious and living lives of purpose and telling them how Jesus would have approved of their mothers having them legally dismembered is grotesque and sickening.

And it is difficult to imagine that it has eluded Carter all these years of his “long-time” struggle, but in the extraordinarily rare cases where a mother’s life is in danger carrying a child to term, a Christian would advocate keeping the child in the safe sanctuary of the womb as long as possible, then performing emergency surgery to remove the child to save the mother’s life, while simultaneously using all of our medical technology and expertise to save the life of the child as well. You save them both – or at least try to. Never is butchering or burning a child to death necessary to save the mother’s life.

For Carter to say that he himself approves of that is a stain on his character. For him to say that Jesus approves of it is a grave sin of utter blasphemy. God forgive him.

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They don't cite any scripture whatsoever to back up their assertions. This is just the high priest of the SBC issuing a political statement, no different than the White House issuing a press release on their stance on some domestic policy.

They don't explain how they think a soul is imparted to a woman's offspring, and they don't answer basic questions like, "Do zygotes go to heaven?".

In my own interpretation of scripture, a soul of the offspring is imparted by the mother, not by God. It's preposterous to think otherwise because mortals are Fallen, which was a specific act of Adam's, and Original Sin is thus passed on to their offspring. Any other interpretation would have the Garden of Eden scenario playing out in every human when they reach puberty. That's just ridiculous.

If God wanted us to consider a zygote a person with a specific Soul, then He would have made that clear in His Word. But He didn't. The Bible contains stories of pregnant women whose potential offspring are inside of them, but there is no mention of those offspring having souls while they are inside the womb.

Exodus 21:22-25 tells a story about a man who causes a woman to have a miscarriage. The crime is treated as a property crime not murder. That's pretty darn clear that the Bible does not consider, minimally, a non-viable fetus a living person with a mortal soul.


Yeah the SBC are experts on "the full dignity of every human being." I'm sure they were worried about human dignity while they put on their white sheets and start the hangings.

@El_Ring Identical twins have exactly the same dna moron. Why is it always people like you who are always so self-righteous in their ignorance.


WHEREAS, Only 5% of Americans are Southern Baptist; and

WHEREAS, We have freedom of conscience and religious liberty in the United States; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That I and other Americans are free to not give a hoot about SBC resolutions.


On Reaffirming The Full Dignity Of Every Human Being SBC 2018 - Dallas, TX

WHEREAS, In the beginning, the Triune God chose to create humanity in His image and according to His likeness, such that “God created man in His own image; He created Him in the image of God; He created them male and female” (Genesis 1:26–27); and

WHEREAS, God judged His creation of humanity to be very good indeed (Genesis 1:31), crowned humanity with honor and glory, making them rulers over the works of His hands (Psalm 8:5–6), and put eternity in all human hearts so we might seek after Him (Ecclesiastes 3:11); and

WHEREAS, God’s precious likeness and image was passed down from Adam to his posterity, the human race, through generations (Genesis 5:3); and

WHEREAS, God sent His own perfect image, Jesus Christ, into the world (Colossians 1:15; Hebrews 1:3), intending through the sufferings of Christ (Hebrews 2:10) for human beings to become conformed, renewed, and transformed into the same image of Christ (Romans 8:29; 2 Corinthians 3:18; Colossians 3:9–10); and

WHEREAS, God intends to bless human beings to “bear the image of the man of heaven,” Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 15:49; cf. 1 John 3:2), and “wants everyone to be saved” through hearing and believing His gospel (1 Timothy 2:4; cf. Ezekiel 18:23; Matthew 23:37; 2 Peter 3:9); and

WHEREAS, Significant challenges threaten the dignity and worthiness of human beings who do not possess power or advantage, including but not limited to the heinous murder of the unborn child in the womb, the enforced withdrawal of life-sustaining medical care from the ill or infirm, the prejudices and discriminations of racism and ethnocentrism, various abuses of other human persons, the denigration of opposing political groups, and persecutions of religious minorities; and

WHEREAS, Article III of The Baptist Faith and Message clearly affirms that human dignity is an inviolable status, stating, “The sacredness of human personality is evident in that God created man in His own image, and in that Christ died for man; therefore, every person of every race possesses full dignity and is worthy of respect and Christian love”; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, That the messengers to the Southern Baptist Convention meeting in Dallas, Texas, June 12–13, 2018, reaffirm the sacredness and full dignity and worthiness of respect and Christian love for every single human being, without any reservation whatsoever; and be it further

RESOLVED, That we affirm the full dignity of every unborn child and denounce every act of abortion except to save the mother’s physical life; and be it further

RESOLVED, That we affirm the full dignity of every human being, whether or not any political, legal, or medical authority considers a human being possessive of “viable” life regardless of cognitive or physical disability, and denounce every act that would wrongly limit the life of any human at any stage or state of life; and be it further

RESOLVED, That we affirm the full dignity of every human being of whatever ethnicity and denounce every form and practice of racism and ethnocentrism; and be it further

RESOLVED, That we affirm the full dignity of every human being, whether male or female, young or old, weak or strong, and denounce any and every form of abuse, whether physical, sexual, verbal, or psychological; and be it further

RESOLVED, That we affirm the full dignity of every human being of whatever political or legal status or party and denounce rhetoric that diminishes the humanity of anyone; and be it further

RESOLVED, That we affirm the full dignity of every human being of whatever religion or creed and denounce any unjust violation of the first freedom of religious liberty; and be it further

RESOLVED, That we affirm that the full dignity of every human being can never be removed, diminished, or modified by any human decision or action whatsoever; and be it finally

RESOLVED, That we affirm the full dignity of every human being and commit to model God’s saving love by sharing the eternal hope found in the gospel, to call all people to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:19–20; 2 Corinthians 5:11; 1 Peter 3:14–17), and to love our neighbors as ourselves (Matthew 22:39; Romans 12:10, 15; Philippians 2:4–7).



@El_Ring -- Your appendix has unique human DNA in it. Is removing it from your body murder?

What about a brain-dead person? Is turning the machine that keeps that entity alive murder?

I can keep going. You simply cannot define the human soul in physical terms.