Gohmert Goes Gonzo on Special Counsel Robert Mueller

The Texas congressman accused Mueller of attempting to negatively impact the 2018 midterms.

Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert has developed into such a disappointment.

It’s hard not to wonder the exact level of mania going on in Congress now, regarding the ongoing Russia probe, when you have a sitting congressman taking to live television to ramble and rage in a way that seems as if it came straight from an Alex Jones video.

In a spittle-flecked interview with Fox News, Gohmert attacked special counsel Robert Mueller and the investigation.

“I have known Robert Mueller for 20, 30 years, and he is not going to stop until he gets some kind of indictment against the president,” Gohmert said in an interview with Fox News Wednesday.

Is he suggesting that Mueller will attempt to rig his findings against President Trump? Where is his proof for that? To date, no one has been able to successfully prove any bias on the part of Mueller, or that he was doing anything that wasn’t completely on the level.

He’s a methodical lawman, by most every account, and if someone is worried, you have to assume they have good reason to be.

With that in mind, you also have to wonder why this is so important to Gohmert, to the point that he would openly demean the character of special counsel, and do so with such panicked vigor.

Gohmert then alleged that Mueller deserved to be investigated and that his probe is “of an area he is totally disqualified from,” citing that he FBI director when the agency looked at his former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s sale of uranium.

You mean Uranium One?

Of course that’s what he means. It was a legal sale and the histrionics over that deal have been addressed, already.

Gohmert should know this.

He launched this latest attack after news that Trump’s legal team were about to make a counteroffer to Mueller, in regards to setting up an interview between he and the president. Gohmert’s advice is that Trump not sit with Mueller’s team.

“Mueller should be investigated and instead, he is the special counsel. This is a guy that doesn't care. He is hoping he will affect the election and screw over the president,” Gohmert said.

Gohmert also suggested that Mueller would not “mind breaking the law and putting people in jail.”

That’s nothing short of character assassination and it’s completely unfounded.

Gohmert is not a serious representative and these continued emotional outbursts from Trump’s loyalists serves no other purpose than to highlight the desperation within the ranks of the GOP.

Why? What do they know that they would rather not be brought to light?

At this point, the entire GOP is suspect. With the exception of very few, there are none that can be counted on to be arbiters of truth and constitutional purity.

We are in such dire need of a viable third party to rise.

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Louie Gohmert seems to be strategically placed to say the most outrageous things so the rest of the Republicans can point to him and say "See, that's the real nut-wing, most of us are mainstream!"

The GOPe never liked Gohmert. John Boehner certainly didn't. Because he challenged them. But his statements challenging the GOPe never made it out to the media.


I have been advocating this ("We are in such dire need of a viable third party to rise") for a long time now. All the two parties seem to be doing is thowing 'balls' back and fourth in hopes that one of the 'balls' will be deadly for the other party. And We The People are the big time losers in that 'game'.


In a spittle-flecked interview with Fox News, Gohmert attacked special counsel Robert Mueller and the investigation. Spittle-flecked, ha ha! It was more like he reached deep down into his lungs, and exasperated mucus, that was prominently displayed on his cheek!This shit is hilarious! One of the commenters responded that the Mueller investigation, was funded, by the Democrats! lol. I don't make this shit up! You, moronic, bastards! The investigation, is being funded by, The Justice Department! Say it with me. The Deep State, does not exist! Justice, however does!


I have to agree with you, Susan, the entire GOP, with very few exceptions, is suspect at this point and time.

It is said, and it is unfortunately true, that there are two and only two kinds of people who go into politics, the truly committed and the totally corrupt. Obviously, the latter far outnumber the former.

The same can be said of every other profession, including the ministry, of course--anything involving humans is prone to corruption--but the truism takes on greater significance when it comes to government, because it involves all aspects of life, culture and civilization.

Would that it were not so, but the story remains the same throughout human history, as recorded in the Bible. False gods, idolatry, coveting wealth and power, taking advantage of others, condemning the weak and unfortunate, oppressing the masses, promiscuity, perversion, ad nauseam, have plagued mankind from the beginning.

A son was once born to a loving couple. He came of age and spoke of love, forgiving sin, healing the sick, helping the needy, casting off earthly possessions, defending women and children, and sanctifying marriage. For that, he was betrayed by his best friend, abandoned by his followers who all to a man ran and hid while he was brutally beaten and tortured, tried and convicted, and nailed on a cross to die.

Only the women, who were not afraid, wept. One tried to soothe his suffering; his mother pleaded at his passing; and another came alone to cleanse his body. Shocked she was when He appeared and asked, "Why look you for the living among the dead?"

None of his followers believed her when she told them He was risen. He had to appear before them Himself to convince them that their faith, which they had lost, was real. On that they built a Church.

Trump is not the anti-Christ. He's far too pathetic to be awarded that distinction. What he is, though, is an emblem of how far we as a people, as Christians and Americans, have fallen.

Donald Trump is and always has been a complete and total fraud, the ugliest of ugly Americans. Any faith or confidence placed in or on him is wasted.

How did we come to this point at this time? The simple answer is that fallen Man can do nothing other than continue to fall, because we have lost our faith, forgotten the sacraments, rejected what is real in favor of what is fake. It's the same story over and over again.