Glenn Beck Dons the MAGA Hat

The outspoken NeverTrumper has jumped on the Trump Train for 2020.

In case you were wondering, that headline isn’t (just) clickbait.

Glenn Beck, one of the earliest and most outspoken conservative detractors of Donald Trump and his campaign for the presidency in 2016, has literally put on the red MAGA hat and said that he will “gladly” vote to re-elect Trump in 2020. Before you run outside to check your thermometers to see if hell has indeed frozen over, though, you should probably watch this clip from the Blaze explaining why Beck has had such a radical change of heart.

Now, I realize that some of you #NeverTrumpers out there might view this as a flip-flop of John Kerryesque proportions, and that some of you might even feel betrayed by Beck for now supporting the very same man he repeatedly called unfit for the presidency. Always bear in mind, however, that Beck has not made a sudden about-face on Donald Trump’s character. He still has serious reservations about how the man conducts himself personally, and believes that those qualities often reflect poorly on the office he holds.

On the other hand, the manner in which the mainstream media covers the Trump administration has become so corrupt, so dishonest, so egregiously terrible, standing in solidarity with them against Trump has become unthinkable. Yes, Beck still believes that Trump can be bad—but the sanctimonious reporters who have made it their mission to bring him down are infinitely worse, not to mention more dangerous. That’s because a healthy republic depends upon citizens getting honest information, which is next to impossible when the media tasked with holding the government accountable pumps out propaganda instead of news.

Beck also recognizes that Trump has done some real good for the country. His economic policies of deregulation and tax cuts have reignited an economy that remained moribund under Barack Obama for seven years—and that translates to real relief for Americans who had suffered for too long under stagnant wages, high unemployment and despair for the future. For the media to overlook these important accomplishments while relentlessly focusing on Stormy Daniels, Russian collusion and every other specious claim in the hopes that it damages Trump has only damaged their own credibility.

So this is what they’ve driven Glenn Beck to. And I would imagine, come election time, he won’t be the only American who feels this way.

It looks to me like we have two parties of corruptocrats you have to swim though a hundred yards of raw sewage and cut out half your brain and decide if you will worship baal or molech to destroy the nation for your kids and grandkids because one of them is only driving the bus 99 miles an hour over the cliff and the other is so much worse driving the bus 101 miles an hour over the cliff. My question is what is wrong with us that we can do no better than the most reprobate scoundrels for leadership. How do we do better, as I see it we can not continue to do worse each election or we are toast as a nation?

It's sad for all his talk about principle's to find out he really didn't have any at all. They will eat him alive. How pathetic.

Even though I was 100% behind Cruz from day 1, I always thought Beck was completely nuts. This confirms my suspicions

Have been listening to Beck turn trumpy for the past 4 months. Cannot take it anymore. Has everyone lost their mind? Trump signs a 1.3 Trillion Dollar Bill and blames everyone else. 80,000 more federal jobs were added in the past 3 months growing this federal government even more. And I have to praise the Orange Giant. No thanks

Sad fact is that Trump's most ardent followers are a Cult. Tell them that Obummer created MORE jobs in his last 16 months than Trump has in his first 16 months & they'll say that's impossible b/c Laura Ingraham and Rush keep talking about a "booming economy". SMH

SAME PEOPLE that cursed Barry for his $1.1T budget that funded Obamacare, Sanctuary Cities & Planned Parenthood are NOW SILENT on Trump's $1.3T budget that funds Obamacare, Sanctuary Cities & Planned Parenthood.

That my friend, is a Cult