Giuliani wants Mueller to Wrap Up Investigation...Can't Indict Sitting President

Mueller likely won't indict President Trump...and probably can't.

Rudy Giuliani is joining Vice President Mike Pence in calling for the Mueller fiasco to end, even indicating that he will apply pressure within the next week.

“Come on! They’ve had a whole year,” Rudy Giuliani said in a recent interview. “We’re going to raise the pressure to try to get this thing over with. It’s gone on long enough,” he added.

Giuliani compared it to Pulitzer Prize for Fiction winner James Comey’s actions of publically exonerated Hillary Clinton during that investigation, or whatever you want to call it. In the interest of fairness, Comey wasn’t a special counsel appointed by the president. I don’t think that precedent holds any water.

So far Mueller has spent twelve months on the job with two indictments to show for it. Paul Manafort and Rick Gates are being charged with several bank fraud and financial crimes. However, these charges don’t link former Trump associates directly to any pro-Trump/Russian collusion, which is kind of the point of this whole affair. More on that later.

The quoted article later compares the timetable for previous special counsels to justify the length of the investigation.

The 21 major special counsel probes in the post-Watergate era lasted an average of three-and-a-half years from the appointment of an independent counsel to its conclusion, which in most cases involved the completion or publication of a final report, according to a POLITICO analysis.

If we’re going to use post-Watergate as a benchmark I think anyone hoping to see President Trump strung up is going to be sadly, sadly disappointed. Especially in light of tonight’s news.

Of those 21 special counsel probes, 17 resulted in no indictments. One resulted in an indictment that led to an acquittal. Two cases led to pardons following indictments. Only some Clinton business partners, some aides, and Scooter Libby ever faced jail time. All of the people indicted resulted from the purpose of the actual investigation.

Pretty underwhelming, and proof that this is just a complete waste of time and taxpayer money. Unlike the post-Watergate 21 investigations, the people indicted in the Trump/Russia/Narnia fiasco aren’t even in the same universe of the investigation’s purpose. Fraud charges? Really?

Before some of you hardcore NeverTrumpers reach for your TUMS and liberals fling your ACLU coffee cup across the room and accuse me of being a Trumpkin, or whatever the term de jour is for anyone with an inkling of support for President Trump, I’m not saying Mueller is outside his scope of authority. I understand that Rosenstein’s order clearly states that Mueller can investigate any matters that arose or may arise from directly from the investigation” followed by the the catchall provision in section (iii) (I do the same thing as a corporate attorney when I file a new company—add a catchall provision following the purpose of a business).

But let’s not ignore the preamble of the memo which specifically reads “to ensure a full and thorough investigation of the Russian government’s efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election.” There’s also the most prominent statement that the investigation should review “any links and/or coordination between Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump.”

Far be it from my legal mind to recognize any other reading of the memo, but it seems like the purpose of the investigation was to look into the fabled Russian collusion storyline.

But we all know what this is really about. The narrative has been about President Trump directly colluding with the Russian (Putin) government. That’s it. It would be a lie to deny that statement.

Has anything turned up involving Russian links to President Trump in this mythical tale worthy of Tolkien? Anything? Or is this just another carriage in the train of media corruptness? I mean Manafort and Gates are being indicted for something completely outside the true purpose of the investigation, which in itself runs contrary to those individuals who were indicted in the 21 previous special counsel investigations. I guess this also justifies the federal judge who called into question the scope of Mueller’s investigation.

“But it’s within Mueller’s power.” That sounds like a fantastic idea. Let’s give some DC stooge the power to do whatever he wants. It blows my mind that some conservatives would justify the need for centralized power in one man. But I guess their unfettered hatred for President Trump is more important than principle. It’s sad because the same conservatives will wave the banner of being principled while attacking Evangelicals who still support President Trump in spite of his sordid personal life. Seems hypocritical? I don’t know, maybe I’m just spit-balling.

“But Manafort. And Gates. And now Cohen.” Are they corrupt? Maybe, but I don’t see them wearing the hammer and sickle. Yet the same people living inside the Capital Beltway DC who praise politicians as “rock stars” (who end up coming out as millionaires) don’t care about the corrupt lifestyles of those we elect.

The more that comes to light the more I agree with Judge Elliott’s statements about Mueller’s actions.

What about the gigantic money dump that this will inevitably turn in to? As of last September (the new numbers haven’t been released yet), Mueller and his gang have spent about $7 million dollars on this circus. That’s not including the past six months. $7 million for what? Fraud charges? Really? Let’s not forget that previous special counsels have cost upward of $80 million dollars of taxpayer money.


But what if Mueller does happen to find something? What if President Trump has a bat phone hooked up directly to the Hall of Doom? What will happen to President Trump then? Much to Joy Behar’s chagrin, nothing will happen. Nothing. At. All.

Even if Mueller has a mountain of evidence likely won’t charge President Trump. Nope. And in light of tonight’s news, he probably can’t legally indict President Trump.

BREAKING tonight Rudy Giuliani claims that Mueller will follow Department of Justice precedence.

"The Justice Department memos going back to before Nixon say that you cannot indict a sitting president, you have to impeach him. Now there was a little time in which there was some dispute about that, but they acknowledged to us orally that they understand that they can't violate the Justice Department rules," Giuliani said.

"We think it's bigger than that. We think it's a constitutional rule, but I don't think you're ever going to confront that because nobody's ever going to indict a sitting president. So, what does that leave them with? That leaves them with writing a report," said Giuliani.

This crushes the dreams of so many people in DC. So many. You'll get a memo at most.

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The special prosecutor was employed to investigate possible collusion between agents or the Russian government and Trump and his campaign. Those others being investigated is not within the scope of the special prosecutor, it is the job of the justice department to investigate and prosecute other misdeeds or crime. It is time for Mueller to present the facts he has, if any, or resign or be fired. I thought his credentials and impeccable honest was beyond question, but I was wrong.


Jane, I have a masters in criminal justice, was a state police captain, and anyone who is targeted by the feds has reason to be alarmed, guilty or not. It is not at all like you think or like TV portrays it. The feds have power that you can't imagine, and they have a near 98% conviction rate from people pleading guilty (many innocent) to avoid the long, draconian sentences under the Sentencing Guidelines and no parole anymore in federal prisons.


Time to wrap up the investigation. The Trump comment about Putin was actually a slap at Obama, over the red line in Syria. Russia and the old Soviet Union has meddled in US elections for years. Their should be no harm in recognizing Putin as the eader of Russia, and trying to defeat ISIS. Trump wanted to talk, extremely careless Hillary sold uranium to Russia. and an insecure server. Obama could have stopped the meddling. If Hillary would have won as expected, there would be no investigation and Obama's executive orders would have been safe. Putin This might had had hope with a novice politician, but he would become confused like many Democrats have. This investigation is about a political outsider being elected.


I really don't understand what has you all so afraid. I mean right in your piece you know how long this usually takes. Were not even to the half way point yet, so either you know he's a dirty rat or something has you scurred.


"Let’s give some DC stooge the power to do whatever he wants. It blows my mind that some conservatives would justify the need for centralized power in one man."

Prosecutors are always "one man". Have you ever seen an episode of Law and Order? Maybe take a look so you can see how this whole "criminal justice system" thing works. Hint: it involves judges and lawyers from the defending side, not just some "stooge".

This era of our history will be remembered for when The Republican Party went after the entire notion of criminal justice in order to defend their sitting president.