Giuliani Spends His Sunday Questioning the Legitimacy of the Russia Probe

The narrative is tired, but they keep trotting it out.

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani really is the jewel of President Trump’s legal team.

He recently revealed that he hasn’t spoken with his client in weeks, but that’s not stopping him from going nuts on any talk show platform that will have him.

He really does love the spotlight.

It was CNN’s “State of the Union” that gave him airtime today, and of course, it was ridiculous.

On today’s agenda, it was the legitimacy of special counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing Russia probe.

So does he consider the investigation legitimate?

“Not anymore, I don’t,” Mr. Giuliani said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “I did when I came in.”

Giuliani is glomming on to the narrative of an FBI informant, Stefan A. Halper, implanted with the Trump campaign.

The reality of that is, Halper approached three members of the Trump campaign after it was determined that they had some contact or connection to Russian entities. He was never embedded in the campaign, nor did he ever approach Trump’s closest associates.

He also went on to talk about the haranguing of Judge T.S. Ellis III, who expressed disdain for the aggressive investigation into the affairs of former Trump campaign chairman, Paul Manafort.

Ellis suggested this was just an attempt to “get Trump.”

Other than that, there has been no proof that federal authorities have actively spied on Trump’s campaign or attempted to thwart him, in any way.

Giuliani insisted, however, that the president would still like to sit down with Mueller.

“He is adamant in wanting to do it, but we’re more convinced as we see it that this is a rigged investigation,” Mr. Giuliani said.

“Rigged” is the catch phrase they’re trying out now, testing to see if it gets more traction than “witch hunt.”

Last week, highly classified briefings were held to discuss the information the Justice Department has, involving Halper and his counterintelligence work in 2016.

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly attended for a short period, as did Trump lawyer, Emmet Flood – a move roundly criticized by those who saw this as an outsider looking to use sensitive information he wasn’t cleared to see, in order to get the upper hand in an ongoing case.

Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff was particularly miffed, saying Flood had no business being there and that it was highly improper.

As it was, reports are that he was there simply to give brief remarks, then left.

Giuliani defended the presence of Kelly and Flood.

“I think the White House has every right to know. The president has every right to know as commander-in-chief,” he said.

He’s already been told about Halper’s role. He just chooses to act like he doesn’t believe.

Whether it was improper or not, what was revealed in those briefings must have been compelling.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell emerged and said the Mueller probe must be allowed to continue.

More telling was the fact that Rep. Devin Nunes was present. He’s ran hard at the entire Russia probe from the beginning, attempting to discredit its purpose and calling for it’s end, even as it was just starting.

He was present, and we haven’t heard a peep out of him.

So what was so damning that it caused Devin Nunes to go off grid?

Maybe nothing. Maybe something.

We’re likely not going to know before the end of the year and the probe has been funded through 2019.

Until then, we can expect more weekly fun house mirror performances from Rudy Giuliani.

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I was referring to Chevy99's and your commentary on RedState. Articles and comments that criticize Trump are still published on the site. What has toned down to major degree is the Trump/(Attack)Watch hysteria. Frankly, browsing RedState became painful because Trump articles were dueling (Trump is a demon /Team Mueller is a part of a treasonous conspiracy) on the front page and approached saturation of it to the detriment of every other article that was not about trump.


@Chevy99 Yes that site now resembles Russia’s IRA troll farm, so different from what Erick left behind. Putin is applauding I suspect.

@cynicalnerd, what exactly in this comment thread is crappy?


Yes. Yes. We know you two are full of crap.


@gunner305, I think you are being nice, they have become the worst parts of the right. I still read a couple bloggers there and the comments are nothing but harassment, anger, resentment or disgust. Whether it's at the left when the article points at some boogeyman for them to hate, or at the author when he doesn't properly worship the orange one. Anytime I think that some Republicans are worth voting for I just go over there and read a couple comments from the regulars. It helps we remember how fallen this party has become.


@Chevy99, I checked in occasionally and you are right, it’s now very boring due to shortage of diverse pov. Total Trump echo chamber with distorted view point.