Get the Popcorn: Dem Leaders Admit They Can’t Stop Kavanaugh

I know that this is going to sound crazy, so stick with me. But apparently it seems that Chris Matthews is full of it.

Look out, the wrath of Chris is about to be unleashed.It was just a couple weeks ago when MSNBC’s most comedically entertaining host Chris Matthews had an on-air aneurysm, threatening there would be “hell to pay” if his demand that the Democrat leadership in Congress play “hardball” with Republicans on the Trump Supreme Court nominee was not met.By hardball he apparently thought the Democrats should refuse to consider any legislation at all in order to stop the nominee, or something like that:

“There’s a lot of dilatory tactics they can use on every bill before the Congress between now and November. If they don’t use everything they’ve got, if they don’t play hardball, I think they’re through.”

According to Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin, it seems Matthews is going to be sorely disappointed:

The reality, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer told reporters this week, is that if all the Republicans vote to affirm him, as seems increasingly likely, there's simply not much Democrats can do about it, The Hill reports. All those folks desperately calling for their political leaders to do something, Sen. Dick Durbin suggested, don't understand how the Senate operates.

But what about all those dilatory tactics Matthews was suggesting, you ask? I know that this is going to sound crazy, so stick with me. But apparently Matthews is full of it. Well maybe that’s not fair - he’s good at pretending that stoking anger and promoting panic counts as political analysis. In fact, he’s made a very healthy living off of that. But as far as wise political counsel, I think at least Durbin finds it somewhat unproductive:

Durbin was more blunt. "Some of the things that have been in blogs and suggested do not even understand the basics of the Senate," the second-ranking Democratic Senator told reporters. "Some of the people who have come up to me at parades and said, 'Shut 'em down, do this, do that,' it reflects a limited understanding of how the Senate operates."

“Limited understanding of how things operate” sounds like a great new slogan for MSNBC to adopt after the Kavanaugh confirmation, no?

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@Dave_A If you don't expect Republicans to lose seats this year, you're fooling yourself. I have no doubt that if Trump continues being Trump Dems will have a majority come November. There is a huge gap in enthusiasm between Dems and Republicans at the moment. Dems are absolutely riled up and motivated. They will not make the same mistakes they made in 2016. Meanwhile most Republicans aren't nearly as enthused or motivated for November. They have been burnt out and turned off by Trump and the GOP in general. You have thousands of farmers in the midwest(especially Michigan) that are being killed by these tariffs and will probably have such a bad year many of them are wondering if they will be able to survive. Not only has Trump abandoned them, but their Senators and Congressmen have not gone to bat for them either. Tell me they're a lock for Trump or the GOP...I dare you!

Even if Dems don't outright grab a majority, Trump is still in trouble because I have no doubt their gains will make some Republicans say "enough" and come to their senses knowing they better show some backbone and impeach or they might not have a job next time around. Impeachment will be a much greater threat after November almost any way this plays out.



I am not talking about removing him by impeachment, I am talking about using the result of the mueller investigation and then the refusal by republicans to even talk about impeachment. That's why this will not happen until after 2020 when democrats retake all 3 branches. All they have to do is make the case to the democratic base that Trump was an illegatimate president and that his supreme court nominations should resign as a result. When they refuse to do that he would then go the the democratic lead congress and have them pass a law allowing him to expand the court as needed to combat these tainted justices. You can look up the Judicial Procedures Reform Act of 1937 if you are interested in how exactly it would happen. Roosevelt didn't follow through for 2 reasons. First and most importantly the SCOTUS changed its mind about his new deal and allowed it to stand thus making the change unnecessary and secondly because it made people uncomfortable to allow the president more power. Do you really think a Democratic congress will have a problem with it considering what republicans did to Obama?

The point of this whole thing is too show what all this partisan stupidity will lead too. If each side is truly the enemy then nothing is going to ever be off the table. Currently democrats see Republicans as evil monsters looking to create a sort of handmaid's tale. They will do ANYTHING to get the court back.



  1. Impeachment is impossible without 2/3 of the Senate, which is why no President has ever been successfully removed.

There is nothing the Muller investigation can come up with that would result in 2/3 of the Senate going blue.

  1. The President can't increase the size of the Supreme Court by fiat.


Major difference between 2016 and now: The Republicans had a majority in 2016.

The Dems don't have... anything...


@Jules, I actually don't want this to happen but I can see it happening. I'm actually glad conservatives got their two justices. Concidering just how much evanglicals gave up with their support of Trump they should at least get another generation of protection from the supreme court. I just think the way things are becoming winner takes all this is how the dems will chose to play it. Also I already think they have a strong case for impeachment.

We know Trump asked the Russians to commit a crime against our country. We know members of his own family met with representatives of Russia to make a deal about that data they stole. We now know at least one other Republican asked Russia for stolen data against his opponent. We also know Trump has refused to increase our cyber security to prevent his buddies over there from doing the same thing again. I know you guys don't have a problem anymore with this, but I still consider it a punishable act. He should be impeached. I just think Mueller will have more, because if he didn't the case would already be closed. There is something else out there, something bad enough it hasn't been leaked.

Also nothing I said would be tyranny as it is all within the working order outlined by the constitution. This is my problem with people like you. Anytime things don't go your way you throw things out like tyranny. I have to wonder if you even believe in the constitution or is that only a good thing when it benefits you?