Furious John Kelly Greenlighted GOP Condemnation of Trump's Helsinki Performance

The White House chief of staff was as disgusted by Trump's acquiescence to Putin as the rest of us.

Who can blame him? It really sounds like he’s had enough.

So the rumors are out there [again]: White House Chief of Staff John Kelly is looking for the exit, and in at least one report, intends to be gone by the end of this summer.

Time will tell.

The latest Trump debacle would be his mealy-mouthed acquiescence to Vladimir Putin while in Helsinki.

After emerging from a 2-hour meeting in private, with no aides and no note takers to record what was being discussed, Trump stood before the world and threw our nation’s intelligence community under the bus.

He gave such slavish deference to Putin and Russia that no one would have been surprised if the next move was to televise Trump dropping trou and having “Russian Asset” tattooed on his backside.

Maybe it’s already there and we missed it.

During the press conference, Trump cast doubt on the U.S. intelligence community’s findings about the 2016 election and Russian interference, and also said that Putin had been very strong in his denial, and that he didn’t see why it would be Russia.

He recited exactly what was fed to him.

After an emergency meeting with Congress, Trump attempted to walk back his statements, saying he meant to say he didn’t see why it WOULDN’T be Russia.

Even in that supposed walk back, however, he added (off script) that it could probably be other people, as well.

He is not going to openly accept that Russia attacked us.

In the meantime, John Kelly is furious, according to a report from Vanity Fair.

Kelly told Trump that his remarks might worsen the situation with Mueller, according to Vanity Fair, which reported that the chief of staff then called Republicans on Capitol Hill and told them they could publicly speak out against Trump's comments.

And quite a few did just that.

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) called Trump's statements "shameful" and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said they were a "sign of weakness."

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said it was wrong to draw a moral equivalence between Russia and the U.S., and insisted the intelligence community is correct in its assessment of Russian interference.

Senator John McCain, even in his weakened state, managed to burn a hole right through Trump’s despicable, spineless performance.

Yes. If you were disgusted by Barack Obama’s “Apology tour,” where he went around the world, apologizing for American “arrogance,” shortly after his election, but you’re twisting yourself into a pretzel to defend Trump playing prison wife to Vladimir Putin, you are not a patriot. You’re a hypocrite. In fact, your frame of mind dances precariously close to treasonous.

Still, out of all Trump’s many blunders, this one takes the cake.

Former Trump campaign spokesman Jason Miller noted to Vanity Fair that a 24-hour turnaround is abnormal for Trump.

"Any of these other kerfuffels, if he had addressed it the next day, we wouldn’t have had that many days of things, like 'sh*thole countries,' " Miller said.

That’s because this one is such a blatant display of Putin’s ownership of Trump that the GOP is in panic mode, and it’s a situation that needed to be addressed, promptly. There’s no way to defend it. None.

That Kelly actually greenlighted condemnation of Trump’s performance, rather than organize a circling of the wagons is a reason to be hopeful.

What we watch for next is how they react if Trump continues to cater to Russia’s best interests, ahead of our own.

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@Teagen2015 Oh look, we have a very special visitor! Dr. Scott Lively, Homophobe Extrordinaire and failed candidate for Governor of Massachusetts! Go back to your cave, Scott.


From Dr. Scott Lively, Candidate for the GOP nomination for Govt. of Massachusetts "Two Thumbs Up for the Trump Putin Summit"

An American Russian Alliance Would be the Worst Nightmare for the Globalists and the Dawn of a New Day for Conservatism Around the World

Unlike most of the naysayers pouring contempt on President Trump for his encouraging summit with President Putin, I have actually been to Russia and assessed the Russian Federation personally. In my three visits to Russia (which is 11 time zones wide), I have toured the country from Vladivostok and Blagoveshchensk in the far east, to Novosibirsk, Omsk and other cities of Siberia (central), to Moscow and St. Petersburg in the far west. I lectured on family values and human rights in numerous universities and public conferences, preached sermons in many churches, did many radio, television and print media interviews, and talked with innumerable Russian people from very diverse backgrounds.

I can testify with confidence that of all the people groups I have encountered in the 58 countries to which I have traveled thus far, the Russians are by far the closest in temperament and ideology to American conservatives. In fact, I am convinced that the primary purpose for the relentless anti-Russian propaganda we have endured from both the leftist and neocon media since Obama relaunched the Cold War in 2013 is to prevent American conservatives from learning that truth and teaming up with the Russians against the global socialist elites.

President Donald Trump is one of the few American leaders who know that truth and is acting upon it – against intense deep state opposition. American conservatives should trust Trump and distrust the media on this. (Duh!)

A few key facts to keep in mind: The Russian Federation is today far more anti-Marxist than America because the Russians greatly suffered under Soviet Communism and want it never to return, while we allow Cultural Marxists to dominate our public schools, colleges, media and much of our government.

The most dominant cultural force in Russia today is the Orthodox Church, while in America it is anti-Christian, anti-conservative Hollywood and the leftist media.

Russian economic policy is fiscally conservative, with a budget surplus and a flat tax.

Russian social policy is morally conservative, with a growing emphasis on family values.

The chief American voices against Russia are the same ones who hate President Trump and true conservatives: e.g. the Clintons, Obama, Soros, the Bushs, McCain, Graham, WaPo, NYT, Weekly Standard.

The greatest “crime” of Russia – annexing the Crimea (with the enthusiastic consent of the Crimeans) – was deliberately orchestrated by Obama, who knew that Russia would have no choice after he and Soros carried out a coup against the pro-Russian Ukrainian government. (The American strategic equivalent to Crimea would be giving up Hawaii – we’d never allow it.)

The second greatest “crime” of Russia is rescuing Syria from ISIS after Obama and Clinton’s ineptitude bathed that country in blood, just like Benghazi. It has taken all of President Trump’s geo-political genius to slowly wrest partial control of that mess from the still-entrenched Obama/Clinton deep state machinery that wanted to use Syria to trigger a hot war with Russia.

And while we’re on the topic of the deep state pushing war with Russia, lets not forget that Obama did everything he could to provoke actual war between the election and the inauguration – in order to sabotage President Trump (and potentially stay in power himself). Remember the unwarranted expulsion of Russian diplomats while American troops massed on the Russian border for “training exercises?” It was only the heroic intervention of Lieutenant General Michael Flynn that persuaded the Russians not to respond in kind -- (instead Putin graciously invited the children of the American diplomats to celebrate New Years Eve with him) – that saved the world from the possible outbreak of WWIII. (If I were President Trump, I would pardon Flynn, accept his apology for lying to VP Pence, and put him in charge of draining the swamp in the Defense and State Departments).

In summary, I fully support President Trump and fully back his stated goal of restoring relations with Russia, and I encourage American conservatives fight back against the anti-Russian deep state propaganda and consider just how powerful an American Russian alliance would be against the globalists.

One last word. I don’t believe the Russians have perpetrated a fraction of the interference in our elections that we Americans have committed against Russia and many other countries over the years (remember Obama’s open political meddling against Netanyahu in Israel?). BUT, to whatever extent – if any – that Russian exposure of criminal conduct by Hillary and the DNC helped us avoid falling again into the political clutches of the Clinton Crime Family, they deserve our undying gratitude! And I mean that with all sincerity.

Dr. Scott Lively"


The most anyone has evidenced that the Russians meddled in the elections was some Facebook adds for Hillary and Trump. Yes, both. Second the DNC server was compromised by Podesta, intentionally or unintentionally, as well as then DNC chairboob Wasserman Shultz with her Pakistani IT spy, Imran Awan. We then just heard Lisa Page tell Congress that it was the Chinese who hacked Hillarys server. (and what else?) And last, do not forget that the CIA has a software program called "Umbrage" that can mimic foreign Intel agency spying.


@jcblount Call us when he gets some positive results! At the moment, he looks like nothing but the fool on all of those topics. LOL. Only the truly stupid would ever think America needed MAGA or that Trump could do anything but destroy this country.


I just wonder how you liberals and never Trumpers will spin the positive results Trump gets from North Korea, Iran, and Russia in the long run. I know you will not possibly be able to give him credit and I would not expect it from you. I'll just enjoy your freak show of hysteria while Trump #MAGA.