For the Love of God, Stop Covering for Trump's Adultery

I cringe to think how people who share my faith are going to subject Jesus to disgrace by the way they respond to this.

Lest anyone think the stomach-turning report about Donald Trump’s adultery with porn star Stormy Daniels – adultery that took place while his third (and current) wife Melania was pregnant with son Baron – was going away any time soon, think again.

According to Daniels’ manager, Gina Rodriguez, Trump lawyer Michael Cohen has violated the non-disclosure agreement that Daniels had signed during the 2016 presidential election to keep quiet. There’s little doubt that is an accurate assessment given that Cohen has talked openly to the Associated Press about payments made to the pornographic actress:

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, believes that Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, invalidated a non-disclosure agreement after two news stories were published Tuesday: one in which Cohen told The New York Times he made the six-figure payment with his personal funds, and another in the Daily Beast, which reported that Cohen was shopping a book proposal that would touch on Daniels’ story, said the manager, Gina Rodriguez.

And because of Cohen’s loose lips, Clifford is free to tell her sordid story. And it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that she will be able to make far more money from telling this story than anything she received from Cohen a few months back.

But while Clifford gets richer off of Trump’s philandering, I cringe to think how people who share my faith – people who are prominent and thus recognized as Christian leaders – are going to make us all poorer with their responses.

I wince thinking of the coming excuses that, “Well that was a long time ago, and he’s changed.” What, pray tell, in the president’s demeanor or speech suggests that he has?

I squirm at the likelihood that we will hear, “We’re all sinners and all of us are in need of forgiveness.” Of course that’s true; many men and women have committed the sin of lust and adultery, and have been eternally forgiven by an unimaginably loving God. But it’s also true that receiving forgiveness presupposes one has sought forgiveness – something that President Trump assured us he has never done. Remember that declaration was made years after this adultery took place.

I recoil at the probability that someone will make the unthinkable comparison: “Well even King David committed adultery and God still blessed him!” Please. King David was a man after God’s own heart. Read Psalm 51 – David’s repentant heart pouring out to the God he loved more than anything for those very sins that had caused so much destruction – and then try to use David’s name in the same sentence with a President who won’t even acknowledge or admit this affair.

Don’t misunderstand my frustration – it’s actually not with President Trump. None of these revelations surprise me at all. We all knew exactly who Trump was when he was running for the highest place of trust in American government. He is a worldly, ungodly man acting in worldly, ungodly ways.

My indignation is with my fellow Christians who continue their selective refusal to condemn this sleazy conduct due to political calculations. I say selective because this sudden explosion of magnanimous tolerance towards adultery certainly wasn’t present amongst these same voices in the 1990s when “character” mattered.

“But that’s the point!” they say. “We can’t weaken President Trump because he’s doing important work for Christians here in America.”

Please brethren, stop.

Our purpose on this earth is not to achieve legislative objectives. It is not to protect presidents or coddle kings in exchange for their favor. It is not to withhold the full counsel of God when we find it politically expedient to do so.

We are to bear witness to the truth, the whole truth, God’s truth, about the human condition. We are to rebuke sin wherever it manifests, whether in solitude or on the national news. We are to exhort others to righteousness, whether they are paupers or princes. We are often tempted to ignore that singular purpose, particularly when it costs us treasure and comfort here on earth. But we weren’t to be building those things up here anyway, were we?

President Trump’s moral improprieties are wholly inappropriate and shocking to a godly conscience. He needs to be broken, he needs repentance. He needs Jesus. Christians who vainly shroud this reality do extraordinary damage to their witness, and do the lost man in the Oval Office no eternal favors either.

No. 1-25

Blocking birth control access does lead to an increase in abortions. Trump is probably unaware that his attack on full-featured healthcare plans is contradicting his pro-life political sloganeering.


How many unborn babies' lives has Trump saved? Are there any fewer unborn children being slaughtered in Planned Parenthood clinics across this nation now, because of your vote? Please ponder this. If you want to do something truly effective in saving unborn children's lives, please consider supporting your local crisis pregnancy centers. They do have a proven record of saving unborn children's lives.


I don't know of any conservative trying to "cover for Trump's adultery". That kind of misleading hyperbole sounds a lot like Leftist propaganda strategy. I never liked Trump's lifestyle and when I look back at it I still find it pretty disgusting. I also am the kind of Christian who believes in forgiveness, and I also believe that people often reinvent themselves throughout their lifetimes. I just had this conversation yesterday., When I had to choose between voting for a man I did not respect and a woman repeatedly proved to be willing to put the nation and its citizens at risk in pursuit of wealth and power, I wasn''t "covering" for Trump when I voted for him. And when I made the decision to sit back and see if he had made a decision to be a different kind of man in the White House, I wasn't "covering" for him. I gave him the benefit of the doubt not because I wanted to "cover" for him but because I didn't see any alternative. I am looking at the man I see, in the White House, at this time, in this place, and I like what I see the president doing in his execution of his job. On the other hand, I not only have no respect for people trying to undermine him by obsessing on things he did before he became president, I find it despicable. What could it possibly accomplish other than give the Left support in its efforts to hinder conservative governance? Name a single positive thing to be gained by conservatives in joining this anti-Trump smear campaign. I can't think of a single benefit to the efforts to move this country back to being governed according to conservative principles, or to the benefit of the country in general, by focusing on things he did before his run for the presidency. I see it as virtue signaling from alleged conservatives who refuse to give up wallowing in Trump Hatred. As far as Planned Parenthood still being funded, I for one was happy to see a legislate-from-the-Oval-Office president hit the bricks, and am not going to carp at his replacement because he won't do the same thing. Funding or not funding Planned Parenthood is function of Congress, not the president.


And yet Planned Parenthood is still being funded. Almost as if it makes no difference who is president.