For near 4000 years, History shows that the Jewish people have a legitimate claim to the land called Israel. The Palestinian people is a made-up group conceived by the Soviets and Arafat. There is already a Palestinian state called Jordan. The Arabs of Gaza and the West Bank have ONLY one goal. That goal is the destruction of Israel and the elimination of all Jews in the Region, period.

It has gone beyond understanding How far too much of the other nations, the United Nations except for a few VIRTUOUS Nations, side with the Arabs and discount the democracy founded in Israel among a sea of Totalitarianism, Corruption and Brutality.

If the state of Israel laid down their weapons, they would cease to exist. If the "Palestinians" laid down their weapons and ceased firing hundreds upon hundreds of rockets at Israel, they could have a chance to have their own state and Peace.

One with a sense of Objectivity and an awareness of the lessons of History, can readily see the obvious. Yet, anti-Semitism and a powerful feelings with lack of any intellectual thought doesn't engage in Critical Thinking, Logic and Reasoning for the most part always and sides with the Arab community.

Israel is a beacon of light showing exactly how Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness can really works outside the USA. The Islamo-Fascist of 2018 readily defines Totalitarianism.

WHAT? is wrong with far too much of the world community? Did not the Holocaust deliver a clear and percise message of EVIL?

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I once read that it was actually the North Vietnamese who gave Arafat the idea of adopting the word "Palestinian" for his terrorist cause. Logic dictates that Israeli Jews have just as much right to the word as anyone else (Arafat himself was Egyptian), yet somehow logic has been suspended in favor of anti-Semitism.