Farrakhan For Trump Is NOT MAGA

Do not praise Louis Farrakhan because he praised Donald Trump. Farrakhan is no friend of liberty.

What do we say to Louis Farrakhan? He tweeted "Mr. Trump is destroying every enemy that was an enemy of our rise. Who is the enemy of our rise? Is is the Department of Justice where we get none? Is it Congress where you make a law that favors us and they you turn around and destroy it?"

Do we praise the leader of Nation of Islam, an anti-Semite and racist who hates Israel, Jews and white people? Do we call it a big deal?

No. We don't.

This speaks more negatively of President Trump and his supporters than it does of "what's going on in the black community." Yes, I'm all for free-thinking people of all skin colors. In fact, I think skin color, the first tenth-of-a-milimeter of a person's epidermis, is the least important thing in the human genome. I think it's ridiculous that people form opinions of others based on the amount of melanin in their skin, the shape of their eyes, their facial bone structure, the color of their hair, or other purely physical characteristics.

I think it's evil to take advantage of the ignorance that feeds racism, and "Minister Farrakhan" has spent his whole life dealing in this particular evil. He's as bad as any Nazi.

Any Trump supporter who takes Farrakhan's remarks as some endorsement of MAGA is either ignorant or indecent. What Farrakhan is really saying is he isn't surprised the DOJ and FBI are biased, because he's been claiming that the "deep state" and government organs are really puppets for white supremacists for decades. He's glad that Trump has harmed the legitimacy of these organizations, because harming them harms America, and that suits Farrakhan's purpose (as it suits Putin's and Assange's also).

Farrakhan doesn't want African Americans to be free-thinkers. He wants them to be permanent skeptics of government and white people. He wants them to be racists, but under his own control.

Any "praise" Farrakhan has for Trump is no better than David Duke's or Richard Spencer's. And if you're a Trump supporter and you think this is what MAGA is about, you're about as wrong as you could possibly be.

Birds of a feather or in this case con men who play to folks lowest commen denomenator. Not sure what is supprising here?

I think everybody knows Calypso Louie is Coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs and has been a conniving crackpot for the better part of a century. Reading the transcript it looks like this is a single case of the blind, old and rabid squirrel finding half a nut. My two burning questions are: Why should we care? And why is this even news?


Maybe its just an issue on my end but the Candace Owens quote seems to have disappeared. It goes from Farrakhan's quote to just talking how we don't praise anti-Semitics. Weird.

@janekiller: Well then my apologies. So what nuance would I, or a fellow Trump supporter, miss that would cause Mr. Berman's argument to go over our

You're right about Farrakhan, but black folks, white folks, brown folks and right folks, left folks...we should all be permanent skeptics of central government and not look to them as our temporal gods. That skepticism can be the neutral ground to find common cause against an enemy that seeks to seduce and divide us. When the fog clears, we might even see the bloodstained tree on the lonely hill. Hear that faint echo from the American Revolution...No king but King Jesus.