FAKE NEWS: ABC’s Matthew Dowd Tweets On Muslim Persecution By ‘Christian Extremists’

ABC News Chief Political Analyst Matthew Dowd ignited a dumpster fire with this one fake news tweet.

Just to review: Dowd claimed that the growing persecution of Christians around the globe < persecution of Muslims in America and around the globe. And to support this claim, he offered no evidence.

Obviously, a tweet of such monumental insensitivity and stupidity by someone who should know better garnered quite a bit of attention online.

Jay Caruso of RedState challenged the poor fact-challenged Dowd.

Roving bands of “Christian extremists” patrol the streets hunting Muslims and murdering them in cold blood, eh? They shout “Praise Jesus!” as they behead women and children in mosques, right?

Derrick Johnson, one of my Resurgent colleagues observed, “ISIS boils Christians alive, Redneck says mean things to Muslim in grocery store. Tomato, Tomahto.”

Dan McLaughlin, another RedState contributor, added the small but important fact that the State Department called ISIS attacks on Christians “genocide.”

Dowd never clarified his definition of “persecution.” Maybe he means “funny looks,” or “whispering behind their backs.” Because that’s totally the same as chopping heads off or burning alive.

Yup, we just don’t get it. The point is?

I guess it is because Dowd says so. I think he’s been taking lessons from President Trump.

(H/T Conservative Review)