Even Experts Can Give Really Bad Advice

Telling anyone right-of-center to vote Dem to own Trump is like telling them to swallow hemlock with a bleach chaser.

In full disclosure and as I have said on multiple occasions I did not vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. I was not going to be pleased with either outcome, so I made a different choice.

Once Donald Trump was elected, I have tried my best to be objective and there are members of the administration that I am far more pleased with than those Hillary Clinton would have hired. Ambassador Nikki Haley, Budget Director Mick Mulvaney, Secretary Mattis and Secretary Pompeo rank among those I like and respect.

Do I oftentimes find the President's impulsive behavior and commentary cringeworthy? Absolutely. They are part of the reason I couldn't pull the lever for him in 2016 along with talk of tariffs and what I saw as a conciliatory attitude towards Vladimir Putin and other global strongmen.

So to stay sane I focus on results. For the most part, these results are aligned with outcomes the majority of Republicans in the 2016 race would have produced. The tax cut, judicial nominees, Iran Deal and exiting the Climate Accords were pretty commonplace on the campaign trail.

In some areas, such as deregulation, reducing the number of federal employees, moving our embassy to Jerusalem and challenging our allies to shoulder more of the shared burden for our common defense, the results might be better than the other Republicans. They are certainly not contrary to Conservative principles.

Yet here I see any number of Republican strategists and former party leaders telling me to "fix" the GOP I must vote Democrats down the ballot in 2018. First, I am not now and never have been a member of the GOP. But I have attended meetings with various GOP and Conservative policy groups in Georgia and hardly find them odious. Candidates earn my vote and Democrats are less likely to do so as their base drags them further to the Left.

I can't for a minute envision myself voting for Stacey Abrams for Governor of Georgia because I don't like Trump's tweets. She proudly stands with Linda Sarsour at the Women's March and articulates policies that aim at equality of outcome, not opportunity. Throwing more money at more failed programs based on catchphrases like "social justice" and "economic justice" is a platform I could never pull the lever for. Do I agree with Brain Kemp on every issue? Of course not. But he is certainly shooting closer to the hole on my policy priorities.

I can't even fathom voting against my Representative, Barry Loudermilk. His votes in Congress align with my views the vast majority of the time, right down to the Article 1 project. I will absolutely give him my affirmative vote in November. Same for my representatives to the state legislature.

Yet here are these experts telling me because Trump is often coarse and impulsive I should vote for the party that has been having a temper tantrum for the last two years. The party whose Senators invited disruptive protestors to a Supreme Court nomination hearing. The one who just today had two sitting Senators make a mockery of the hearing and Senate rules to raise their own profile ahead of 2020.

The party of p*ssy hats, Planned Parenthood and moral relativism on Islamic terror. The party that can't denounce Antifa violence and won't censure members who actually stoke the fires. The party that says a 28 year old avowed Democratic Socialist is the future of the party.

Note the difference just yesterday. Serious mainstream voices on the right gave no quarter to Laura Loomer and Alex Jones for their antics at the hearing with the technology companies. Yet other than a meek "I'm sorry" from Senator Feinstein to Judge Kavanaugh the circus in the confirmation hearing is being lauded.

So no. Despite "expert" advice I will not be voting for Democrats down the line in November because of Trump's less than desirable qualities. I make a clear distinction between the branches of government and my state and local representatives. I would encourage every citizen to do the same.

I also am pretty clear on my principles and policy preferences. To throw them away is essentially asking me to have a different kind of temper tantrum then we are seeing on the Left. One that could lead down the road to things like Medicare for All and a federal jobs guarantee that may never be reversed. Like Obamacare, Medicare, Social Security and other massive government programs, these would be nearly impossible to repeal or reform if they are ever put into practice.

I don't need to put my hand on the hot stove to know I'll get burned. And no expert in their right mind should be asking me to.

No. 1-3

When the Republican Party loses its way, it is up to us as voters to send a message they need to get back on track.

It happened with George H W Bush, and it happened with Roy Moore.

Donald Trump does not believe in freedom. Donald Trump is trying to turn us into North Korea. I do not agree with this. Trump shills do not deserve my vote. The Republican Party has lost its way.

There are options: stay home, vote 3rd party, vote only local...or be lucky enough to have a true freedom-loving candidate on your ballet.


In 2016 I did not vote for either Trump or Hillary since I thought voting for the lesser of two evils was still evil. I will not vote for Trump (or any Democrat) in 2020. But instead of giving Trump more power by voting Republican this November or voting Democrat, which I will never do, I will not vote at all. This will be the first time in my life I have not voted, even on the small, local election issues. Since I don't see a lot of difference between the two parties in DC, I am choosing to vote for neither.


Trump ordered Mattis to assassinate Assad. Mattis ignored the order. Thank God.

Had he not, countless Americans all over the world would be open to being assassinated and our country's image would have been tarnished forever, and our foreign policy would forever necessarily need to include the possibility of a foreign leader being killed directly by us.

The order would have very literally killed a lot of Americans.

So yeah, Trump talks a little funny, doesn't he. Those tweets annoy some people, don't they. His personal moral hygiene is a little off. He had a rough past in the world of business. But none of that will matter if we get our tax cuts.

It's a vote in one election, not a loyalty oath.

Trump has hand-picked almost every candidate for the House this cycle. A Republican-controlled House is a House with 200+ Devin Nunez's, whom have pledged fealty to a president his own cabinet calls unfit to serve and dangerous.

If Trump wins the House this November--for it will be his victory* and nobody else's--then you will no longer see the restrained Trump you saw before. All possible restraint on his whims will be gone.

This guy will be in charge without even a hint of pushback:

"The Democrats want to cut your Medicare to pay for their Socialism".

It's a vote in one election, not a loyalty oath. Voting for any Republican this November is a vote to install Trump with more power than ever before.