Embarrassing: New Age Nonsense Has Flooded the Church

Far too many Christ-followers have minds that haven't been transformed to His, but belong to the spirit of the age.

I was speaking at an event recently and made the statement that I am more concerned these days when Christian students of mine tell me that they are going to attend a Christian college rather than when they tell me they are heading to a secular state university. I think that always surprises audiences until I explain myself.

If I was Satan, I would know I’m not going to win my battles against the church of Jesus on secular campuses. Truly faithful Christian kids that go there will have their radars on, defenses up, and will be prepared for what’s coming: mockery, ridicule, and dismissal. They anticipate attacks on their faith, intolerance for their beliefs, and name-calling for their convictions.

Instead, if as Satan I was really interested in striking a blow against the Kingdom of God on earth, I would go to work at the institutions training up the next generation of Christian “leaders” in society. I would paralyze faithful administrators at Christian colleges, universities, and seminaries, with fears over money and the desperate effort to increase enrollment at whatever cost to the spiritual temperament of the campus. I would infiltrate the faculty and use professors there to teach New Age humanism wrapped in Christian language – blending light with just enough darkness to make it deadly, counting on the Christian students not knowing the Word of God well enough to discern what was happening.

And that seems to be exactly what is happening as both the Gospel and the Biblical Christian worldview increasingly take a backseat to manmade social justice causes and New Age spirituality at the vast preponderance of Christian institutions in America.

When I got done with my talk, a man approached me and asked if I had seen a recent article from Joe Carter on the prevalence of New Age beliefs in the church. I hadn’t, but it piqued my interest, so I found it. Carter reveals startling data from recent Pew Research analysis regarding how many Americans held to New Age beliefs – specifically things like:

  • Spiritual energy being present in physical things like mountains and trees
  • Reincarnation
  • Astrological positions of planets and stars affecting people’s lives
  • Psychic powers

It wasn’t surprising to me to see those Americans who are spiritually conscious but not devoted church goers holding to high degrees of confidence in these New Age concepts. Nor was I overly surprised to see that the most skeptical and irreligious in our society (the atheist and uninterested agnostic) don’t believe much of it at all.

But what was remarkable to me was the group that Pew designated as “Sunday Stalwarts” – those who attend church regularly, pray daily, believe in God as described in the Bible, and believe in heaven and hell. Almost a third of that group put confidence in psychics, 20% believe in the New Age idea of reincarnation, and about 16% believe in astrology.

Couple this with all the Eastern mystical practices of meditation, “breath-prayers,” labyrinths, contemplative prayer, Enneagrams, that are floating throughout large American church culture today, and I came away from the article convinced more than ever that the greatest “mission field” for Bible-believing Christians these days is not overseas. It’s not in remote African villages or the distant reaches of the Far East.

It’s here.

It’s in our churches. It’s in our Christian colleges. It’s amongst those who believe they are Christ-followers but whose minds have not been transformed to His but instead have been seduced by the spirit of the age.

Jesus famously told his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.” In 2018 America it seems that many of the supposed workers need to be harvested themselves.

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I have personal experience around this.

First, yoga and meditation do have benefits. I have personally seen these in my own life. I had a bad case of carpel tunnel syndrome, and rather than submit to surgery, I asked a yoga teacher for an exercise to relax my wrists. She suggested one, it worked, and I've never had a problem since. I used to get migraine headaches; spending 10-20 minutes meditating each morning, calmly sitting down and focusing on my breath, made my migraines go away. Yoga is clinically proven to relieve lower back pain. Massage therapy is widely respected in the world of sports.

That being said. The "guru"-worshiping culture around yoga, meditation, etc., is a 100% direct violation of the First Commandment. People actually throw their souls upon a picture of some Indian guy who died 50 years ago, thinking they've found the answer. Psychic readers are frauds, and James Randi videos are pretty on target despite his own personal atheism. I don't know anything about labyrinths or contemplative prayer...although I have prayed asking The Lord for direction. Is that amoral? Or are we talking about something else. I cannot see those things being prevalent at private Catholic grade schools.

My point is that things are not Satanic just because they come to us from different parts of the world. When I got sunburned in Mexico, gel from Aloe Vera plants relieved my pain more effectively than Tylenol. I don't feel this contradicts the letter or spirit of the Bible. My faith has certainly not diminished from it.


In the end times there will be a falling away of believers. I pray that God will convict all unbelievers whether followers or not. We all need Him.


Please, do not call me a "Christ-follower." I am just an ordinary Christian. Also, Peter, you omitted yoga, a hindu spiritual practice, in your list of what has invaded the church. It is disgusting to see how many churches have embraced a lie from hell, "Christian yoga," and the purpose of that is to make the church "cool," get new members and therefore, more money. Where I live, all of one denomination has been successfully invaded by taoism. Yep. "That old dragon" referred to in the Bible, is alive and well in taoist practices, and is active in "churches" here. It is heartbreaking.


Pastors need to preach the bible as it is written. If your pastor is not doing this run as fast as you can and find another church. You cannot change the bible to suit your preferred lifestyle.


Liberty University and Hillsdale College presidents have chosen to worship at the altar of Trump. Satan is alive and well at both places. Young students often look to their school's leaders for advice. In these two formerly strong Christian schools, they are getting the wrong advice.