Effort to Save Black Lives Called White Supremacy

Portland seeks to raise awareness of earthquake danger, faces misplaced backlash.

In October of 2018, Portland, OR, city leaders passed a city ordinance requiring that un-reinforced masonry structures…

Portland NAACP leader Reverend E.D. Mondainé , according to the Oregonian, stated that the new ordinance targets black and poorer sections of the city and that it is meant to drive black residents out of their home. Other speakers referred to the signage requirement as a “secret lien”, despite the fact that the city ordinance only requires a sign warning of the dangers of living and working in un-reinforced masonry buildings during a major quake. City leaders do not require (often prohibitively) expensive retrofitting for these buildings, or different insurance permitting standards. All they require is a sign. But, because the signs would appear more often in black neighborhoods, the Reverend Mondainé has determined that this is an effort at erasing black citizens from Portland.