Doomed: We Truly are Pretending Dudes Can Have Babies

When a culture loses its grip on moral absolutes it quickly devolves into irrationality & ethical insanity. We're there.

Years ago when I was in high school, I remember listening to an episode of Focus on the Family where Dr. Dobson was discussing the case of Andrew Martinez. Martinez was the young campus activist at Berkeley in the early 1990s who decided to go to school naked. Dobson and his guests were discussing not just the bizarreness of his actions, but the fact that liberal Berkeley really struggled with telling him to put his clothes on. Long a bastion of progressive political correctness, the super-intellects at Berkeley didn’t want to infringe on anyone’s rights of expression, so the kid hung on for months…naked.

It was Dobson’s point at the time that when a culture (in this case a college campus) loses its grip on moral absolutes as Berkeley had done, it will quickly lose its rationality and ability to enforce any basic standards of acceptable conduct. He was right, of course. And given that Dobson is still alive, I’ve often wondered if he doesn’t look at how the whole of Western Civilization has tragically followed Berkeley’s lead into moral oblivion.

Just the issue of sexual ethics alone is enough to demonstrate how utterly rudderless our ship has become. Whether it’s Canadian judges ruling that a child can have three biological parents (think about that for a minute), or this equally absurd event unfolding in England:

A baby could become the first person in England and Wales not to have a legal mother if a court grants a transgender man the right to be identified as the child’s father.

Just to make sure you’re following this, a woman gave birth to a child. That woman believes she is a man and wants to be recognized legally as the child’s father even though she is the child’s mother. And Western civilization is preparing to play along with the delusion. Why? For the same reason Berkeley couldn’t tell a naked kid to put his clothes on 30 years ago. We’ve torn free our culture’s ethical moorings and are flapping in the breeze of relativity.

Just ponder this argument being made by progressive LGBT groups who have taken up the woman’s case:

A spokesperson for British advocacy group Gendered Intelligence told Newsweek it is aware that more trans men and transmasculine nonbinary people are becoming pregnant and giving birth.

"It is incongruous that a trans man is able to have his gender legally recognized, have a male gender marker on his passport and marry as a man, yet must be recorded as "mother" on his child's birth certificate," the spokesperson said.

The thing is this group is exactly right when they say it makes no sense that someone who is the biological mother of a child – meaning they are equipped with a uterus, womb, ovaries, eggs, and all other parts necessary for gestating a baby inside themselves – can be legally recognized by the state (both on her passport and her marriage license) as a man.

But look at what outrages these vocal groups about that legal incongruity. This is how far gone Western Civilization is: this incongruity will be corrected not by affirming the reality that a woman cannot be a man, it will be resolved by pretending that a child can be born without a mother, and the person whose womb they emerged from is actually a man.

It’s more than the emperor who has no clothes these days – it’s the whole of Western Civilization.

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ekay, No one is FORCING you to believe anything you don't want to believe. Belief and action are two different things. You can believe that people are sinning. You can believe that they aren't right with God. You must act however as though they have an equal right to believe what they want to believe. Whether you call that rendering unto Ceasar what is Ceasar's or just loving your neighbor, doesn't matter. We will all be judged by God in the end. I'm more focused on my actions in preparation for that judgment than of those by people I will probably never meet.


Well I'd argue this precipitating issue is our culture over fascination with "feelings" even at the the expense of what we used to call the facts of life but otherwise I'd have to agree. This bodes ill for Western Civ.


or or or what? you could lose your imaginary strawmen? that would be a huge loss for folks like you, I agree.


Gender doesn't matter -- YET!! But I am willing to bet the farm that "someday" it will. Someone will be taken to court and pay a huge pendalty because of gender mis-identification, or because an employer, or someone else is perceived to not treat a man who is now a woman , or a woman who is now a man, "fairly". That is just one of the many ways that those who are "offended" can cause those who are perceived to discriminate, or even someone who wants to scam the system, can cause others to lose their job, their business, their life savings, or, or, or.


I get that this gets your panties in a bunch. WE ARE TRULY DOOMED. LOL. So over dramatic. Did you go to acting school??

There are so many other things that could truly doom us though and you choose to minimize them because they're Trump related. Priorities my dude!

Why do you care so much about something that literally has no impact on your personal life, but care so little about the things that fuck us all? How will Pete Heck be impacted by gender confused individuals? They aren't demanding you start being confused. How is Pete Heck impacted by gays marrying each other? They aren't demanding you get marry another man, or a turtle or your dad(all of which you seem to think gay marriage leads to)

Trump letting KJU have a PR moment - great for the country, just give it time. Trump alienating our allies - didn't need them, great for the country. Trump being in over his head - great for the country, just give it time. Trump personally enriching himself - great for the country, all presidents have done this. But gender confusion? THIS CANNOT STAND!

@BenjaminD said it exactly right.

And pardon me for not giving two shits about what Dobson has to say about anything other than the color of the interior of his large intestine.