Don't Fall for Charlatans in Christian Clothing

Jim Bakker can't sink far enough, in his pursuit of exploiting the fears of Christians for personal gain.

And this is one more reason the American church’s witness is little better than a faint flicker in the dark of the world.

It’s bad enough that Evangelicals now are more associated with being apologists for the adulteries and abusive attitude of Donald Trump than Christian apologists, standing firmly in the faith. We also have to deal with absolute frauds, who cloak themselves in a counterfeit faith and prey on the trust of the gullible.

If ever there was a more glaring confirmation of that very thing, enter Jim Bakker, and his disgraceful infomercial masquerading as faith-based programming, “The Jim Bakker Show.”

For those who may have forgotten, or never knew about Bakker, he’s the disgraced televangelist who spent a few years in prison at the end of the 80s for fraud, ripping off investors in a theme park scam.

The married “pastor” also had an affair with a church secretary, Jessica Hahn, that kept tabloids ablaze around that same time.

Now he’s back, a little older, but no less slimy.

Earlier this week, he spent time on his PTL Network show, “The Jim Bakker Show,” actually pimping twisted theology and attempting to run another long con.

Specifically, he’s claiming that he has built a utopia that is promised to save investors from the coming wrath.

Bakker has been building up a community called Morningside in the Missouri town of Blue Eye for 15 years. It boasts an amphitheater, residential housing, and a wedding chapel.

According to Bakker, you’d better buy into this, quick, because when the end comes, this is where you want to be.

No, don’t worry about Heaven. This is practically the same!

And it’s not just the Morningside community he’s selling.

He also is advertising survival gear, such as a pack of six "extreme survival" water bottles being sold for $150. His website claims that the bottles are "designed using a combination of both Advanced and Radiological filters."

That’s $150 water bottles, folks.

"You all are going to know soon why God brought us here," Bakker said on Tuesday's show.

"Do you know the people from the government, from NASA, the research from so many of them, they have said in their research that the safest place to live in troubled times is right here. That's why God brought us here," he added.

I’m pretty sure there’s not a single word in the Bible that says the safest place to live in troubled times is Missouri.

There’s also no apparent reference from NASA’s we

Or that you should pay $150 for water bottles.

And he also pointed out that they’re looking for “people on fire for God” to jump at this spectacular offer.

What’s he implying?

It would appear he’s implying that a lack of fire for God is the only logical reason for not digging deep and giving to the latest “Help Jim Bakker make it rich” scam.

No Christian of any conscience wants to be told they lack fire for God. Some might actually believe this swill.

Throughout the rest of the show, Bakker advertised various survival meal packages, and spoke with community pastors about the importance of trusting in God's plan in the wake of apocalyptic fears.

"I'm determined to let you know what we have here what's going on and what God is doing," he told the audience.

What God is doing is keeping a record of how you twist His Word and work fear in the hearts of His people, Mr. Bakker.

That wasn’t even the worst of Bakker’s highlights.

Back in 2015 he was still on this beat, still attempting to stir fears, rather than faith.

In fact, back then, he was suggesting cannibalism could be a thing, unless you buy his stuff, of course.

"The Bible says they're going to eat their arms, the Bible says they're going to eat their babies, then it says they're going to eat their children. That's what people do when they get hungry," Bakker warned.

"When you're huddled in a corner with your grandbaby and they're screaming and crying and there's no food — I don't want that blood on my hands."

It’s a truly horrific scenario, but has little connection to end time prophecy.

Bakker had time away in the 80s and early 90s to get his life straight, to repent of his trickery and double dealing. It would seem, he only sharpened his focus on fleecing the sheep.

Proverbs 26:11 AMP – “Like a dog that returns to his vomit Is a fool who repeats his foolishness.”

And what comes after, no $150 water bottle is going to quench.

I’d say, “Shame on you, Jim Bakker,” but men like that tend to have no shame.

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@BobtheBeefman If Susan didn't have a substantial audience, her articles wouldn't appear here or anywhere. The fact that many people share a lot of her viewpoints is why she continues to have influence on conservative websites.



I absolutely DO support improved border security, and have written about it MANY times. I just dont think tossing out loose talk about some magical 'wall' to bait the gullible is the way to do it. Strategic fencing, more boots on the ground, closer to the actual border and not 50 miles out, aviation assets, like drones, patrolling the border, getting information to personnel on the ground and on the spot BEFORE entry. Talk of a wall that Mexico will pay for is just hyperbole. It's not a real plan.


Good read Susan. I like [most of] your work/articles. Can you tell me why you don't support the wall/improved border security? Btw, you, Erick & David do a great job of exposing those who refuse to mingle with the truth, facts & reality on any kind of regular basis. Keep on keeping on/exposing frauds, false prophets & lying machines/tRumps, no matter the party, place or time. 45 < 2020


This story isn't about Trump. Anyone that isn't mesmerized into delusion by their false idol should be able to see this pretty clearly. If all you got from this informative story (discussing an entirely different fraud) is the lone mention of Trump, then you need to seriously consider why that golden calf sits so large in your worldview. It might have something to do with proximity and a prostate position.