Does MSNBC's Katy Tur Want These People Dead?

Let's simply turn the stunningly arrogant and offensively accusatorial premise behind her question around on her.

Obviously anyone looking for serious news analysis doesn’t turn on MSNBC’s Katy Tur. When she’s not mocking working class Americans whose lifestyle is less extravagant than hers, she can be found shilling for the current progressive cause de jour from her perch on the nation’s most notorious left-wing cable outlet.

But her segment tease on Tuesday has to be one of the worst:

MSNBC host Katy Tur asked viewers on Tuesday if they values guns or children more while previewing her next segment about high school students from Florida convening in Tallahassee to confront Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R.) about gun reform…

"Kids or guns? What do you value more?" Tur said. "Students from south Florida head north to confront Gov. Rick Scott. We're on the bus with them."

Never mind the question about Tur’s support of inconvenient kids being dismembered for profit that is begging to be asked. Think about the stunningly arrogant and offensively accusatorial premise behind the question. Tur’s obvious assumption is that anyone who disagrees with her push for certain pieces of legislation is “anti-kid.” To borrow former President Obama’s favorite go-to line, that’s the definition of a “false choice.”

People who oppose increased regulation and confiscation of firearms in America do not do so because they are fine with endangering kids. They believe that further legislation will limit the access to guns for responsible people who would use those weapons to protect kids, while doing nothing about limiting access to guns for people who want to kill kids.

This isn’t hard. But it is a prime example of why the gun debate gets nowhere – leftists like Tur are uninterested in extending good faith to those she disagrees with on gun policy. I don’t want this to happen, but it certainly wouldn’t be unreasonable for gun rights activists to start playing this emotionalized game themselves after every incident where a gun saves someone’s life from a violent criminal.

For instance, is it fair to suggest that Katy Tur would have preferred hundreds of people at New Life Church in Colorado Springs have been killed when a gunman was stopped by a good guy (in this case a woman) with a gun named Jeanne Assam?

Would Katy Tur have preferred to see 18-year-old Sarah McKinley and her newborn baby be raped and murdered when an intruder entered her home but was stopped by McKinley who shot him with her gun?

Would Katy Tur have preferred the deaths of numerous people at an internet café in Florida when armed criminals busted in but were chased off by 71-year-old Samuel Williams armed with a gun?

Get the point? We could do this numerous times a week. But obviously making such an assumption – that Tur wants to see innocent people dead – would be unfairly presumptuous and lacking in good faith or understanding.

You know, the playbook Katy Tur prefers to use to increase her own notoriety. Shameful.


When are the people of this country going to wake up to the fact that 17 known children murdered by another kid with a gun is absolutely nothing compared to the vast number of unknown childdren that never get to even begin their lives. We continue to scream "gun control" that will do absolutely nothing to stop those who will kill others from getting a gun, yet we not only let Planned Parenthood murder children before they are born but worse, some of our tax dollars go to support this murder of the unborn. And, yes, it is murder at any stage of development. Even the most brain dead people cannot say it isn't murder, especially when the child has developed to the point where he or she has arms, legs and all of the essential body parts, yet we allow that very thing to happen. How many of these students that saw people they know die believe that abortion is O.K.?


When is @Magared going to start using her God-given skill for actually making sense when she posts?


I read an excellent response to that kind of lunacy - "Of course I love my gun more than my child. And I love my child so much that I would use my gun to protect him."


You are an idiot.