Disturbed Teacher Fantasizes About "Empowering" Female Serial Killers

In a text conversation with a friend, Leslie McGourty opined about shooting up a downtown Las Vegas concert.

In psychology and counseling, we’re taught not to call people with mental illnesses “crazy.” It’s not a term we use.

That being said, this woman is nuts!

A 48-year old Las Vegas woman has been arrested for threatening to “poke a lot of holes in a lot of people” at a concert to be held in downtown Las Vegas, recently.

What’s probably most chilling, given the recent rash of school shootings, is that this woman was a teacher.

Leslie McGourty was arrested on school grounds May 16 after her friend reported to Las Vegas police that she had threatened to kill herself and others during an ongoing conversation over text messages. The 48-year-old woman, who, according to public employment records, appears to have been a physics teacher, faces a felony charge of making a threat to commit an act of terrorism.

My last physics professor was a little “odd” as well, but I never got that creepy, “She’s gonna kill us all” vibe from her, either.

She did once veer off into some unrelated tangent about the way George W. Bush pronounced “nuclear,” however.

McGourty has apparently been nursing some deep issues, and they surfaced in a conversation over text with a friend on May 15. She reportedly even mentioned Stephen Paddock, the gunman who fired into a crowd of concert-goers on the Las Vegas strip in October 2017, killing 58 and wounding hundreds, before killing himself.

In the series of text messages detailed in her arrest report, McGourty had repeatedly romanticized “being remembered” and said she hoped to start another #MeToo movement, “but this time in which women feel empowered enough to become serial killers.”

Did she mean like Lavinia Fisher” Fisher was considered the first female serial killer in America. She was executed by hanging in Charleston, South Carolina in 1820, after being convicted of poisoning male travelers who visited the boarding house owned by she and her husband.

Nannie Doss killed 11 people between the 1920s and 1954. All of them family members, including four husbands, two of her children, a grandchild, and her own mother.

Kristen Gilbert was a nurse who killed four people, and attempted to kill 2 more. They were all patients at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Massachusetts. She was convicted in 1998 of her crimes and sentenced to life in prison.

Of course, the most notorious female serial killer is probably Aileen Wuornos. She shot and killed seven men in Florida between 1989 and 1990. When caught, after a minor traffic accident in one of her victims’ cars, she claimed she shot the men in self-defense. She claimed they raped her, while she worked as a prostitute. Charlize Theron played Wournos in a 2003 movie called, “Monster,” which is why she’s probably a better known female serial killer, even though she’s killed far less than some, such as Belle Gunness’ 40+ victims, or Juana Barraza’s 42 to 48 elderly victims.

So yeah, women have been “empowered” in the serial killer realm for quite some time. They’re not as prevalent as male serial killers, true, but then, this isn’t really the sort of competition we should be trying to win.

I think maybe McGourty was talking about mass killers – the act of taking out a lot of people at one time.

Still not a worthwhile milestone in feminist history.

In the texts to her friend, McGourty spoke of targeting a scheduled May 19 concert at a local bar.

“A perfect plan with my favorite song surrounded by a bunch of f****** up misfits like I am,” she wrote in a text message. “Imagine knowing exactly the moment that you’re going to die. I know exactly that your favorite song will be playing. By your favorite band. It’s just too perfect.”

Law enforcement attempted to stop McGourty before she got to school that day, but missed her.

“It was at that point we made the request for (Clark County School District police) to immediately take Leslie into custody and to be removed from the classroom,” investigators detailed in the report.

Police also noted in the report that detectives “did not get much of a reaction from her” when they read excerpts from the text messages to her.

That part is creepy. If nothing more than shock, or a little embarrassment, there should be something.

They went on to point out that she blew it off by saying she often had those types of conversations with her friend.

She also admitted that she had intended to attend the concert that was mentioned in the conversations.

She’s out on bail now, awaiting a June 19 court date.

School officials say that after her release, she’d be “assigned to home.”

As a teacher, she should have known better than to say such things, even in jest.

That she didn’t, and she did should worry a lot of parents in that particular school district.

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Countess Elizabeth Bathory (Hungary, 1560-1614) murdered at least 80 girls and bathed in their blood in effort to stay young. Eek!


@Susan wright: "male travelers who visited the boarding house owned by she and her husband," should be her and her husband. Peace.


This lady is cirtafiable menally ill and should be treated as such. No one in their right mind would say the things she is quoted as saying. She is a danger to people.


If you ever wondered what is wrong with our schools?


I’ll like a lawyer to weigh in on this case given the fact that the SC have okayed online threats in 2015. I don’t think this case is prosecutable.