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Didn't Think Planned Parenthood Could Get More Evil? Check This Out

I refuse to believe that anyone can be this ignorant, even if they work at a baby butchery. This has to be intentional.

If it didn’t include the lifeless bodies of children tossed out with medical waste, the degree of tone-deaf, complete lack of self-awareness exhibited with regularity by the brain trust at Planned Parenthood would be hysterical. Case in point, this weekend’s tweet quoting the wisdom of an anti-Semite:

“Immigration is a black issue. As we fight to protect black lives from coast to coast, it is time for us to show up in our undocumented immigrant communities in full force and fiercely defend their right to live and work here. - @TamikaDMallory”

My goodness. I refuse to believe that anyone can be this ignorant, even if they work at a baby butchery. This has to be an intentional jab at the sensibilities of those of us with an active and calibrated moral compass. This has to be revelry in the lack of such a moral center being exhibited by such a callous and clueless tweet.

Consider first the gut punch of Planned Parenthood tweeting anything that includes the call to “fiercely defend their right to live.” There is no organization more devoted to obliterating any objective notion of such a right than those who kill innocent but inconvenient babies for profit.

Secondly, the foundations of Planned Parenthood are well known. Any organization whose founder essentially called for the elimination of inferior races of people, and specifically the extermination of blacks, barring a public renouncing of eugenicist Margaret Sanger should never deign to open their mouths on any issues relating to black people.

Third, the idea that Planned Parenthood “fight[s] to protect black lives from coast to coast” is about as sick a taunt as you can imagine. Planned Parenthood has accomplished what the KKK only dreamed about. Studies have shown that the abortion mill targets nearly 80% of their facilities within walking distance of black neighborhoods. It isn’t funny and it isn’t cute for Planned Parenthood to facetiously suggest that they are fighting for minority lives when they are making a killing off of wiping them out.

Fourth, despite being a co-founder of the so-called “Women’s March,” Tamika Mallory has become well-known for associating with anti-Semites. Most recently she attended a sermon of Hitler-loving preacher Louis Farrakhan where Jews were labeled “Satanic.” To defend herself, Mallory retweeted the thoughts of her rapper friend Mysonne. Mysonne is an anti-Semite himself.

And don’t miss the chilling parallel of an organization which daily slams the lid on dumpsters full of the bodies of decapitated and dismembered human babies promoting the comments of one tied to Jew hatred. You might recall the “legal” holocaust which preceded the one currently being carried out by Planned Parenthood involved Jew haters slamming the doors shut on the gas showers and human ovens.

This organization is evil, and those who continue to defend it have much to answer for.

Very well stated, Peter. Isn't in odd how in both the ongoing immigration debate, as well as the responses to the Parkland shooting, we are faced with fierce proponents of Planned Parenthood and even LATE TERM abortions decrying how terrible it is to see such a loss of 'innocent lives'? I just can't fathom the degree of blindness it takes to make such statements while remaining completely oblivious to your own cruel, murderous commitments.


Dear Planned Parenthood: Just curious, when do you consider Black people to be full humans like us?


And at what point will PP finally shutter its doors having attained the desired eugenics balance in society....?


And the substance, ignoring the source, is idiotic. Illegal immigration is indeed largely a black urban issue - the issue being that those are precisely the immigrants that bankrupt the poor black youth cohort of jobs, forcing them into empty lives of drugs, crime, poverty and despair. Blacks should feel called to action, but the action should be fighting illegal immigration and reclaiming their right to the dignity of employment and upward mobility through hard work and setting goals. Of course, poverty and despair are ideal conditions for Planned Parenthood’s business model, so more illegal immigration keeps THEM wealthy - so they are unlikely to push for improvements in the lives of the poor. They don’t just kill babies. They also kill hope and dreams.


It is the evolutionary process revealed! The mind of certain people is evolving into something unrecognizable and evil in a civilized society and human life form.

Just who are the people who are killing the most blacks? You can start either with Planned Parenthood or many blacks themselves. Many people scream about police officers killing blacks when more blacks are killed by other blacks, with most of the killings done in predominently black parts of major cities.

Oh, but you forget that a baby inutero is not a baby in the eyes of most of those who view abortion as a "woman's right to choose". They have willfully blinded their eyes. It is amazing that we can now see the child in the womb and some can still say that it is not a human being before it is capable of living outside of the mothers body.