Did Trump Make Marketing The GOP Easier?

Democrats are determined to resist Trump at all costs. It may have given the GOP a perfect visual to market themselves.

There was Nana's six hour soliloquy on the floor of the House telling us we should thank those who break our immigration laws. A cadre of Democrats have called tax cuts, bonuses and wage increases "peanuts" belittling the impact they will actually have for so many Americans. Then of course there was the Schumer shut down solely for the purpose of getting a "clean" DACA bill. The party is telling us in so many ways what their priorities really are.

Perhaps there is no better visual demonstration of what Democrats really think than their petulant behavior at the State of the Union address. In their determination to "oppose" President Trump's agenda:

They made childish faces

Looked down their noses

And sat on their derrieres

Mind you they did this while the President was talking about the families of those killed by MS-13 gang members and after the introduction of a North Korean defector that defied all odds in finding his freedom. As well as just about every other point the President made. And finally someone in the GOP decided to make hay with it rather that being cordial.

This makes me happy. Very happy in fact. No matter what you think of President Trump personally, the Democrats are sitting for things many Americans will benefit from and value. This line of marketing is crucial going into 2018, because while Trump may be a caustic figure to many, they will be voting for their Representatives and Senators.

Some may need a push to get to the polls and vote for the Republican party in the midterm elections. How can you look at this and and not think that the party applauding putting more money in your pocket, cheering record lows in unemployment among minorities and caring about those who defend our shores might not be such a bad thing after all? Or at least figure out if you want these trends to continue then the better bet is to keep GOP majorities.

Despite not voting for either major party candidate in the 2016, I am not now or will I ever be under the illusion that replacing my GOP House member or Senator with a Democrat is a good idea. I am not a Socialist and even leading Democrats can't tell you what the difference between their party and socialism is anymore. Further, Democrats aren't for anything. Except killing the unborn, illegal immigration and free everything. They've told me so.

Without clear talking points, highlighting how far removed Democrats are from mainstream America, rancor over the 2016 election within the party might erode our majorities. Democrats need to be positioned as the party of the extreme Left that they have become. More ads like this please, that shine a light on exactly what the Democrats think of the rest of us.

No. 1-11

While e.g. a president Pence undoubtedly would have been a more nimble, knowledgeable negotiator than Trump, the fundamentals would still have been the same.

In other words, there would still be only a razor thin GOP majority and the resulting compromises would seem very disappointing to Republican voters.

Meanwhile, Democrats would be furious even if the president were a relatively "inoffensive" politician such as John Kasich or Jeb Bush. They would be playing defense for all it's worth and voting against every GOP initiative as a single bloc.

All politics is cyclical and there is no way any politician could deliver on his/her promises to a sufficiently great extent. I certainly agree Trump has achieved less than a competent Republican president would, but the fundamental problem remains.


Trump seems to be proving himself to be the man for the job. He is definitely ticking the Democrats off enough for them to show their real faces. State of the Union, this year, will make a lot of campaign video clips for Republican candidates to demolish their counterparts, if they choose to use it. I have noticed all the Republicans in my area getting on the bandwagon, already. Their messages are clean and concise as to what Democrats really stand for, also. Great article, Stacey.


Nice guys finish last. President Trump is brash, insulting to some people and annoys some people with his tweets; however, what other president has brought the corruption in Washington to the forefront like our President. Like him personally or not, he is still out president and will be for some time to come.