Did Ocasio-Cortez Suggest Tesla Should Be Nationalized Following Subsidies? Duh!

The darling of the left has a new idea...


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Ron Black
Ron Black

Answer: No. No she didn't.

Do y'all have an editor that checks these things?

That said, her suggestion that the government should get a return on money invested into companies is well-taken and frankly a Republican idea from years past. And if I recall it's something that has actually been done in a few cases (small defense firms and the like).

Of course we all agree that the US government investing in companies is a bad idea save for very specific national defense needs. Tesla would have probably made it without the tax subsidies anyhow, but now we'll never know.


I am not even sure she knows what she is suggesting...what does she mean by invest and what does she mean by getting our due? If she is suggesting that the federal government should not be subsidizing Tesla...nah I am sure that's not it.