Democrats Took the House and Boy Will They Regret It

There was no blue wave. It was a normal midterm swing. But now Trump has a "them" to attack for 2 years.

Jim Acosta, move aside (and share your therapist's number). Trump has a new enemy to pick on.

The vaunted "blue wave" never really materialized, with Democrats narrowly picking up the House of Representatives it was widely believed they would win anyway. With 22 close races left uncalled, Decision Desk HQ has the Dems up 221, with only 215 required for a majority. A narrow majority in the House isn't enough to do much without also holding the Senate and the White House, and Democrats know it.

And historically, the House usually flips (it has every time the White House changed parties except twice in the last 100 years).

The Democrats not only didn't capture the Senate, they lost ground. They lost their headline premier races: Beto, Abrams, Gillum. There is no credible way for the liberal press to declare victory for Democrats, though they huff and they puff and they try to blow the Trump House down.

The House of Representatives is ephemeral and changes easily every two years. Such a narrow majority will prove to make Nancy Pelosi and company regret it.

Trump will become a flamethrower, and she will be his favorite target. The GOP will campaign off Pelosi for two years, raising money and building a war chest. I can already see Republican consultants and media buyers licking their chops. Of course, that doesn't guarantee Trump victory in 2020. Far from it, there are some serious canaries choking in coal mines.

But for now everyone is satisfied to declare victory, and Trump has barely gotten started.

"There's only been 5 times in the last 105 years that an incumbent President has won seats in the Senate in the off year election. Mr. Trump has magic about him," Trump tweeted Ben Stein's words.

I don't know about magic, but I do know Trump has a way of getting under people's skin (ask Marco Rubio). Now that the Democrats control the House, he's got a very tempting target for his creative juices of mocking, belittling and insulting.

Yes, the Democrats took the House, and they will regret it greatly.

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Most of their gains were light-red seats in states where there wasn't a Senate Race. The next Republican-friendly year will blow them back out.


Odd; I felt the same way about Trump's election two years ago. Still do, and last night was the down-payment on the price the GOP will pay for years to come for selling out to him. Heed well Mr. Erickson's words. Without Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, Trump loses in 2016. He'll lose more than that two years from now.


I guess I just didn't expect the democrats to win those senate seats so them losing weren't really disappointing to me. I watched Van Jones set his hair on fire last night because Beto lost, and it looked like Abrams and all of Florida were lost and I was like yeah you are suppose to lose Texas and you ran two crazies in the south what did you expect?

What I wasn't sure of was how much women would leave the GOP, I wasn't sure of the democrats gaining 70% of the latino vote. So yeah, those seem like the main victories to me. That and the democrats winning statewide elections in the 3 rust belt states that lead Trump to his presidency. That right there and the women are why i would rather be democrats today than republicans.


ForAllAmericans - as you said, it's all in how you look at it. You are putting the 'best spin' for Democrats. Both parties can claim victories here; but the truth is, the Democrats under performed verses their own expectations and continue to misunderstand what most of middle America wants to see. And that's pretty simple: Lower taxes, opportunity for jobs, their community safe, a strong military and some type of decency from both parties.

If the Democrats had chosen less hard left candidates, they would have improved in the Senate and picked up at least two more Governorships. If they had not assaulted Cavanaugh (ant thats exactly what they did with a ton of deceit), they might have picked up 10 to 15 more seats in the house.

Donald Trump is NOT a conservative. And he is all about Donald Trump. He could have just as easily ran on the Democrat side, and taken different positions and would have his blue color hard left followers with the Unions completely embedded with him.

He just wants the power and doesn't give a crap about actual policy. Which is why the Democrats need to work with him on some things. The guy likes to deal - so deal...

If they don't and just go the investigative route; they are taking a huge risk that everything they gained may go up in smoke in two short years.

I'm an Independant that pretty much feels that both parties, the President and most of the media suck...

Nothing over the last 24 hours has changed to make me feel differently.. though I do take solice that with the house/senate split - absoltuely nothing radical will get done for either side.


If one of those "three states that flipped to the Democrats" is supposed to be Pennsylvania, someone isn't thinking clearly. Pennsylvania did not flip at all. The senate seat and the governor's house were already blue and simply stayed that way. The House races were affected by court-ordered redistricting. PA has had a habit of splitting tickets between Democrats and Republicans.