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Democrats Keep Playing Trump’s Game, and They are Losing

It's beyond clear at this point that in a battle of pettiness & insults, Democrats aren't going to win against Trump.

They just can’t get out of their own way. To this point it is clear to any rational political observer that Donald Trump is not a conventional politician. He didn’t build a conventional campaign apparatus, he didn’t have a conventional legislative plan, he didn’t foster conventional political alliances. And yet the Democrats, unhinged at the mere mention of his name, continue increasing the number and intensity of conventional attacks, apparently not realizing that it is fuel for Trump.

I don’t know any other way to say this: Donald Trump is not seeking re-election on the basis of success or accomplishment. I truly contend that he couldn’t care less about those things. If someone says he hasn’t accomplished anything, he just calls them fake news and pretends like he has. But his campaign was never about a set of legislative objectives. His campaign was about proving to all the ‘haters’ that they were wrong and that he could be elected president. It was a campaign of spite, it’s been a presidency of spite, and the Democrats are playing right into his hands over and over again.

His re-election campaign will be constructed entirely on the basis of tribalism, rivalry, and bitter division. He will sell himself as a man against entrenched forces that are constantly trying to knock him down while he valiantly fights back. If Obama was Mr. “Hope and Change,” Trump is Mr. “He Fights.”

So if that’s the case (and it is), a smart opponent would deprive Trump of the one thing he has going for him. A smart opponent would deprive him of the fight, wisely allowing Republican infighting – as reliable as the sun rising in the East – to deprive him any legitimate accomplishment, while themselves carving out an appealing policy agenda to sell to the American people that simply ignores the pettiness from the White House.

But the Democrats are not a smart opponent. So they fight him. Bitterly. They allow Elizabeth Warren to jump back into her embarrassing claims of Native American heritage. They skip meetings because of un-presidential tweets. And they do this:

Tom Steyer, a billionaire hedge fund manager and liberal mega-donor, told CNN’s Dana Bash on Sunday that President Donald Trump should be impeached as soon as possible.

The San Francisco-based mega-donor financed a nationwide ad campaign urging Trump’s removal from office by Congress for a variety of alleged offenses, including collusion with Russia during the 2016 presidential election and heightened tensions with North Korea.

Remember, to date there is absolutely nothing impeachable in either of those two examples. But the Democrats froth at the mouth over it, rush to a sympathetic media all too eager to join because they have been the brunt of Trump’s attacks, and put themselves way out over their skis. By merely floating the idea of impeachment and pretending there is credibility to it, gives Trump an exposed jaw to jack with a nasty uppercut. And he does. And his supporters love it.

I don’t mean this as a compliment or a criticism, but it is beyond clear to this point that in a battle of pettiness and insults, the Democrats are not going to win against Trump. He’s the master. If they play his game, he gets re-elected.

To this point, they’re playing his game. And to this point, they don’t show any signs of realizing they aren’t winning.

A good coach does not show his playbook to the opposing team in the middle of the game. Let’s let them keep losing, shall we? And not point out how they can win. Ok?

In their minds, and among the radical elements of their own coalition, they are winning. So, I expect no change in their behavior. Like their presidential foe, they confuse intensity of response with breadth of appeal. Both are foolish in this regard.

As they fight, the important fact is the GDP rate has gone up, the stock market is going up, unemployment is going down, conservative judicial appointments are getting confirmed, the tight noose of regulations on businesses are getting untangled and if tax reform let’s people keep more of what the earn we are like Trump says “we are winning”. If this trend continues Trump can continue his petty tweets with the democrats because they will lose for all the reasons I have stated. I would hope Trump would knock it off and tweet all the accomplishments that are happening, but Trump is Trump.

Dear Erick, please don't take the high road. Conservatives have been bullied and slandered by the liberal cabal and their media friends for decades. We finally have a conservative who punches back. Nothing stops a bully like a good bloody nose. Get down off the porch and take a few swings with our President.

I would suggest you look for a list of President Trump's accomplishments at listed above by MissMo instead of just dismissing Mr Trump as some kind of angry, empty suit. that would describe the previous President. Mr Trump actually responds to the attacks on him and Republicans unlike other Republicans that just roll over and ask to have their bellies rubbed. I find it refreshing.

The Democrats haven't learned much but neither have the establishment Republicans. It will be Trump against the establishment in the next two elections. A Republican majority that replaces Ryan and McConnell would change the dynamics of the country. The Democrats have more senate seats to defend. The House has little chance to change until after the next census. The CBO is a problem because they can't measure the impact of all the deregulation on revenue. The growing economy can not be denied. Many of Trump's problems were inherited after festering for eight to fifty years..

Donald Trump is not conservative, his punching back is just tantrum-throwing from an establishment liberal windbag