Democrats Get Schooled on the Facts of Politics

An excellent lesson in politics 101 by a former University Press political science editor.

Whether you think President Donald Trump is a genius playing 4 dimensional chess while everyone else in politics is playing giant checkers, or you think he's a bumbling fool with more luck than a family of leprechauns lounging on rabbit's foot couches at a Reno craps table using loaded dice, you need to understand the political facts on the ground.

Democrats don't understand certain truths because they are blind to them. They are blind because they live in an echo chamber full of like-minded groupthinkers, who all believe exactly the same things, and distrust anyone who doesn't. Actually, they don't even know anyone who doesn't believe like they do, so it's like saying I distrust pterodactyls.

Charles Tips, who describes himself as a former University Press political science editor, wrote this piece on Quora, in answer to the question: "Do you think that Kavanaugh’s win will change the course of history?"

I invite you to read the whole thing, especially if you're a Democrat, or a newly-interested Trump skeptic, or even a hardcore Never Trumper. There are certain facts on the ground that will determine our political future. Democrats making stupid decisions to double-down on ruthless won't get them anywhere. Even if they take control (especially, actually) of the House in November, failing to learn the facts will cost them, and eventually America (because a house know the rest) dearly.

Here's Tip's answer in its entirety. Read it all.

I have arrived at the point of thinking that Trump calculatingly nominated a blandly unremarkable jurist urged by retiring Justice Kennedy precisely so that the inevitable ensuing Democratic scorched-earth campaign would shock Establishment Republicans awake.

Boy, has it!

Many reading this will not be regular partakers in many of the websites I like to cruise. So allow me to reveal that there’s been an avalanche of comments along the lines of, “As a Never Trumper, I did not expect to be looking at voting for him in 2020…” or “I still can’t stand his loud mouth, but winning sure feels good for a change…”

Trump tore a huge rift in the Republican Party. It was sitting there for two years for the Democrats to exploit… drive a wedge between the Brahman GOPers and the populist Republican insurgents behind Trump. Instead, they just healed the rift! They had all young Republicans in law and politics thinking, “That could be me there on the hot seat being flayed in front of the American public. They despise all of us!”

Talk about all-time dumbest moves. When you’ve got conservatives singing the praises of Mitch McConnell, Susan Collins and Lindsay Graham, by definition, you have horribly misplayed your hand.

So, what’s the historical change?

We have not had many presidents in my lifetime who steered a good course, basically one, and he didn’t get us turned around from the sorry, Sad Sack statist course we have been on since Teddy Roosevelt. Once Obama was in office with a full head of steam toward postmodern Bismarckian social democracy with the GOP divided between those afraid to be seen opposing “an historical president” and those happy to go along as long as they were in on the spoils, it did not look good for us to get back on track in my lifetime.

Then along came Trump as the wildest of wild cards leading up to the 2016 election. As much as I knew an outsider would be required for the task of restoring the republic, he did not strike me as any kind of historical figure. It was only just a bit less than two years ago that I proclaimed Trump here on Quora the guy who could pull it off and the likely winner of the election.

It was not hard to understand that, especially given the lameness of Republican Establishment types and even many conservative types, that Democrats were going to have to give Trump a lot of help in their eventual demise. And they did not waste a minute in obliging. Before you know it, it was all Trump - Russia, and he was not even going to take the oath of office before he was shot out of the saddle. Well that ploy certainly raised the stakes.

As progressives laid it all on the line futilely against Kavanaugh (do you realize the FBI fielded more than 1400 allegations of rape against the man after his nomination?) Trump was having the best week for a president in my lifetime:

  • widely praised on trade as the newly negotiated redo of the North American Free Trade Agreement was announced
  • on the economic front, the Trump Bump rolled right along taking us to levels of unemployment not seen since 1969
  • the announced review of the defense industrial base completed Trump’s “pivot to Asia” strategy outlined in his national security strategy completed late in 2017.
  • and, of course, his nominee was confirmed to the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, this became the face—no longer the fringe—of the Democratic Party:

And here’s Vice President Mike Pence (of all people) pwning all those Soros-funded demonstrators in front of the Capitol steps:

When you’ve been Pence pwned, your future as a credible political force has been cast into serious doubt. And who are the Democrats going to run in the all-important 2020 presidential election?

Well, obviously not that pair, but then who do they have? Kamala Harris, the new face being touted just fell flat on that face during the Judiciary Committee hearings on Justice Kavanaugh. There’s hardly a Democrat you can name who doesn’t have Republicans replying, “Yes, please.”

The way I saw it, progressives grew as a movement for three decades and then enjoyed a twenty-year run in power before blowing it over Wilson’s excesses and Prohibition. They backed into power again and enjoyed another twenty-year run until the Cold War marginalized them. Finally, the postmodern third wave of progressivism got its start in 1968, but no sooner did it elect its dream president forty years later than it began leaking power on all fronts thanks to overreach and poor performance.

The last big Republican progressive dies, and instantly it appears the GOP is on the verge of coming together and consolidating power. And they are doing so with this the next order of business—Collusion bombshell: DNC lawyers met with FBI on Russia allegations before surveillance warrant. Just the scale of criminal investigation that could doom the Dems.

All of this leads me to predict that the historical course change in store for us, but already begun, is the emergence of a Democratic Party that is no longer seeking to force social democracy on the US, or democratic socialism either, for that matter.

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And now Romney is poised to become Mr. Establishment in Utah. This isn't gonna end well for the RINO's.


Agreed up until the last comment. The Democrats have been taken-over by the Progressive-Socialist Liberals. The more Leftist elements are manifest, and driving the entrenched elitists further to the left with threats of replacing them with younger, more radical "activists," unless they fall in line themselves. I predict the Democrat Party becoming even More openly subversively Leftist, not less.


We can only pray it's so, Steve. I pray that their uncontained overreach, resulting from their being blinded by their white-hot hatred of all things moral or Constitutional, will be so soundly rejected at the mid-terms' ballot boxes that they will be unable to even be bumps in the road for the next 6 years.