Democrats Claim Flop Sweat Victory in Montana

The first sign of Democrat panic in Montana is when they claim victory–even if they lose. Results haven’t even begun coming in and the flop-sweat odor is wafting through Democratic offices and friendly media.

From the Washington Post:

A win for the Democrat, cowboy-poet Rob Quist, would give his party its first major victory during the Trump presidency — and deliver a House seat held by Republicans for more than 20 years. A victory for Greg Gianforte, if narrower than President Trump’s 20-point victory last fall, would be spun as fresh evidence of GOP decline.

Gee, we lost, but by less than Hillary did to Trump, so it’s a win! Even with an assault charge and an embarrassing last day for Greg Gianforte, Democrats have their spin machine ready for a big loss.

This is the first sign of their panic.