Democrats Are Toddlers

It is time for Democrats to grow up.

“One who spares the rod hates his son, but one who loves him is careful to discipline him.” Proverbs 13:24

Democrats must save America from themselves. Normal-thinking Democrats who believe in the basic American values of liberty, but quibble about government’s role in said liberty must take back their party from the insane Leftists who have taken it over. It cannot be the responsibility of Republicans alone to defeat the Leftists. The Republican Party needs a sane Democratic Party to keep them in check and keep them sharp. If the Left cannot stop this downward spiral into madness, the lack of competition will cause the GOP to go stale. In short, the Democrats need to grow up. For their own good and for the good of the country they claim to love. The Democrats have an unruly child on their hands. They must fix their child. Leftism must be destroyed, but it is not the fault of the Leftist. It is the fault of the Leftist’s parents.

One of the most important things a parent can pass down to their children is the ability to control and compartmentalize emotions. Emotions are natural. They are human. God gave them to us for a reason. But you are never supposed to think with them. A decision based on emotion is almost always a bad decision. You ask yourself, “Why are Leftists wrong about EVERYTHING?” Because part of being a Leftist means being RULED by your emotions. It is hard not to feel genuine sympathy for the Leftist because that is a hard way to go through life. And it is a real pity their parents didn’t have the wisdom and/or the willingness to teach them how little their emotions matter.

Though it may be hard without stripping yourself of everything that makes you an adult, take a moment and try to think like a Leftist. Want to know why standard immigration enforcement immediately brings feverish cries of “THIS IS WHAT THE NAZIS DID!!”? Think of it like this. Ever lose sight of your child in a public place? Or hear what you think is someone breaking into your house at night? That raw moment of pure terror when you have tunnel vision and nothing else in the world matters excect for that problem being solved. That is how Leftists view everything political. Remember, politics is important to people on the Right. To those on the Left, politics is their religion.

Leftists are not being dishonest when they see child separations at the border and immediately make comparisons to Auschwitz. That is how they really feel. You may see standard immigration enforcement. You might even see what you think is heavy-handed immigration enforcement. They are not making things up when they talk about global warming ending the world. In their minds, that is real. Your SUV and Styrofoam cups aren’t just purchases you’ve made. To the Left, you are bringing about the apocalypse. They see the world in a way you cannot possibly understand, but it’s important for you to understand that you don’t understand.

What does an undisciplined toddler do when she doesn’t get her way? She yells and screams and throws things off the shelf in the grocery store. And how does that toddler react when you try to have a calm, reasoned, logical conversation with them? They just scream louder. They throw themselves on the floor. In your mind, you offered a reasonable solution to a problem. In their mind, in the mind of a Leftist, you have completely changed their worldview. You might as well have told them the earth is flat. Offering logical solutions or a tiny glimpse of reality is only met with more outrage. Put that emotional control in the body of an adult Leftist and BAM, every GOP policy becomes a gas chamber.

Just so we’re clear, I’m not talking about your crazy liberal aunt on Facebook. The highest levels of the Democratic Party and our government have been infested with rampant toddlerism. Michael Hayden, former Director of the CIA and NSA, took to Twitter in response to the child separations at the border and said, “Other countries have separated mothers and children.” Which seems pretty benign until you see that he included a picture of Birkenau with it. Where a MILLION PEOPLE WERE MURDERED BY THE NAZIS. Setting aside how much that comparison insults the people who survived Nazi horrors, it is a little disconcerting to know the former head of America’s spy agency is prone to teenage-girl melodramatic emotional outbursts. While we’re at the CIA, how about John Brennan, accusing Trump of treason over a press conference? Or United States Senator Kirsten Gillibrand calling for abolishment of ICE. The unhinged fringes of the Democratic Party in the 1960s have become today’s Senators. They have become today’s power brokers. And unless you cherish the thought of your toddler, drunk on a popsicle sugar-rush playing hide the nuclear football, you should be wary.

The divide in this country cannot begin to heal until we can have a serious discussion about who and what we are. Know what you do not bring to a serious discussion about the future? Children. The children must remain outside while the adults talk. As of this moment, there is nobody for the Right to negotiate with as the Left can bring no adults to the negotiating table. It is grow up time. No more “Abolish ICE” platforms. No more sit-ins for gun-control. Set down the sippy cup, Democrats. It is time for Finishing School.

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I'm all for everyone acting like adults. Unfortunately I'm a moderate Democrat and both the Republicans and the Democrats have left us Moderate's behind. If you ask me the blame for the current disarray and incivility in politics could be laid at both major parties doorstep. Yes the most egregious behavior is carried out by the young of the left of center Democrats. However the Alt Right is a fairly young movement and springs from the loins of the Republican party. The alt right are now being nurtured at the breast of the current president because you know there are "fine people on both sides". I am usually the first to decry the incivility of the radical wing of the Democratic party and cannot stand the SJW's, but in reality like I said above both the left and the right have made moderates the enemy, . In reality we need a third way. Yeats said it best: Turning and turning in the widening gyre The falcon cannot hear the falconer; Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere The ceremony of innocence is drowned; The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity.


When my children were young they often had temper tantrums, or they would burst into tears over things that were trivial to an adult but of great importance to their untrained brains. As they grew up they stopped having temper tantrums, and while they might be angry because they did not get their way they didn't make what they began to call a "federal case" over the no's we gave them when their ideas were either dangerous or unworkable. As the bible tells us, when we are children we are childish, but when we grow up we are to put away childish things (and thoughts).

It is childish to think that this contry can continue to accept everyone who wants to walk over our borders. It is childish to think that only children in this situation on our border are separated from their parents. But it is more than childish to think that only your ideas are valid and would be good for our country, and then raise a tantrum when you don't get your way.

Many of the young people today do not think past what a "free" education would mean to them. They don't seem to understand that THEY would be paying for the education of the students who would be coming along after them. "Free" isn't free.


I think this article has a really good point: we do need a "sane" Democrat party to keep the Republicans in check. A one-party government is totalitarian. The Republicans have shown they are not willing or able to police themselves. Today, we don't have a sane Democrat party.

But the issue is not that all leftists are crybabies. Leftist leaders very much know what they are doing. The Huffington Post directs left-leaning folks to act like crybabies, and the HuffPo enjoys massive traffic as a result. Nancy Pelosi has what she wants: she's still in power, and doesn't care how ineffective she is. Democratic special interests eat their own, to keep the party more radical and ideological--look how aggressively they went after Cory Booker last year, because they disagreed with one vote.

I do enjoy SJW tantrum videos. But left leaders, the ones who set the stage, are calculating, not crying.

E.E. Bokbok
E.E. Bokbok

So according to this article, the problem is "leftists". Which the article didn't bother defining. Which is why it's an incoherent rant.

You could substitute the word, "leftists" for, "a-holes" and it would have the same effect.

Using words that have a definite meaning in a way that conveys no meaning except a vaguely negative one is what little kids do. Like how they use the word, "gay". This article uses the word, "leftist" in the same way.


I've been reading McCullough's book on John Adams, and I have just finished the section about his presidency. After reading about the Democrat party of that time (Democratic Republicans), I noticed a great deal of similarity between Democrats of then and Democrats of today. Both subscribed to the worst and most outrageous forms of expression to vilify their political opponents. It gave me a fresh perspective on some of the men of those times that I frankly admired, such as Jefferson and Madison. And true, there were some Federalists then that behaved just as poorly, but by far and away the lion's share of boorishness came from democrats. It seems to be an inherent problem for them. Full disclosure: I'm a libertarian, not a republican, and didn't vote for either Trump or Hillary.


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