Dear David: Use Your Gap Year to Inform Your Opinions

David Hogg is taking a gap year. Here's my advice on how to fill that year.

CNN has reported that David Hogg will be taking a “gap year” between his graduation from high school later this spring…

One of the best pieces of advice I can give any young person seeking a career in politics is: have a “real” job first. Go be a soldier, sailor, or airman before you seek to decide what “appropriately reciprocal force” is. Spend a few years living in an efficiency walk up scrounging every cent you can just to pay rent, before you pontificate on housing initiatives. Provide healthcare, or be a teacher, in the dusty, abandoned, coal towns of Appalachia before becoming an advocate for (or against) the welfare state. Start your own business. Fail, at least twice, at a job—any job. Serve coffee on the midnight – 6am shift at an interstate truck stop and listen to the stories of the long-haul truckers and migrant workers.