Czech-Mate: European Government Votes to Allow Citizens to Carry Guns

The continent of Europe is not a complete and utter lost cause.

The Czech Republic–which has always been a gun-friendly country in spite of being subjugated to the European Union’s influence–just voted to allow its citizens to arm themselves against any threat of tyranny.

More specifically, the lower house of the Czech parliament voted 139 out of 200 votes in favor of the bill on Wednesday as a measure to combat terrorism. The bill is expected to pass in the upper chamber of their Parliament and be signed into law by the country’s president. However, it’ll likely be stopped by the European Commission–the European Union entity responsible for overseeing gun policies. This same commission adopted stricter gun control measures back in December. The Czech president recently said he wanted more of his citizens to be armed to combat greater terrorism threats. It’s unsure if this law, if passed and signed into law, will have standing in spite of the EU’s asinine firearms policies.

“This constitutional bill is in reaction to the recent increase of security threats, especially the danger of violent acts such as isolated terrorist attacks … active attackers or other violent hybrid threats.”

Per Yahoo!, which first reported the story, there are over 800,000 firearms of all calibers and sizes registered in the Czech Republic.

Given the Czech Republic’s history–especially the illegal Soviet occupation that befell the country last century–the government is keen on not repeating past mistakes that would leave its populace defenseless against any threat of tyranny–especially terrorism. Thank goodness we have the Second Amendment here in the U.S. Let’s hope countries like Czech Republic can follow our lead and protect their citizens!