CPAC Bans Social Conservative Group While Embracing LGBT Group

Eight years ago CPAC was debating whether to include LGBT advocacy groups; today they're banning social conservatives.

Several years ago, I had been invited by the American Family Association to come as their guest to the annual CPAC event in D.C. and host a couple half-hour programs for them on radio row. At that time, I remember there was a great deal of debate about whether or not GOProud, an LGBT advocacy group that claims conservative politics, should be allowed to be a sponsor of the conference.

How quickly times change.

Just about eight years later there is no longer any debate over the involvement of those who advocate the homosexual political agenda at the largest gathering of conservative activists in the country. The parent organization of CPAC, the American Conservative Union, has come to fully embrace the Log Cabin Republicans – the same group that just two years ago trashed pro-family conservatives with this ad in the USA Today:

Apparently the ACU sees nothing objectionable or left-wing about attacking as “losers” and “morons” all those who embrace traditional Christian morality. Behold the Trumpification of the conservative movement.

To be sure, there are several who voice thoughtful conservative politics who are simultaneously gay. To suggest that any person who experiences same-sex attraction cannot be a political conservative is mindless and absurd. But the LGBT political agenda is separate and distinct from “gay people.”

A gay person who holds conservative politics can and should object to the un-defining of marriage and family as deliberately disruptive to healthy society. A gay person who holds conservative politics can and should object to the bludgeoning of religious liberty. A gay person who holds conservative politics can and should object to the flagrant abuse of scientific reality in our understanding of sex and gender. A gay person who holds conservative politics can and should object to the silencing of dissent through gestapo tactics of speech codes and hate labeling.

But the Log Cabin Republicans consistently do not take a firm stance, if they take any stance, in opposition to these liberal policy objectives. Instead, as the attack ad in the USA Today demonstrates, they often advocate them.

Meanwhile, for those tempted to applaud CPAC for allowing “diverse opinions” even if that includes brazenly liberal advocacy at a convention for conservatives, it turns out that the American Conservative Union is now actively banning pro-family organizations for their hostility to the LGBT political agenda.

MassResistance, a socially conservative organization in Massachusetts – the very belly of the liberal beast – was recently informed by CPAC Executive Director Dan Schneider that despite having received prior approval for their exhibit at this year’s convention, they were being denied participation. Why? CPAC disapproved of the tough stand MassResistance President Brian Camenker took towards defeating the transgender agenda in public schools.

You can read more about the entire saga here, but suffice it to say that CPAC became concerned that MassResistance was too aggressive in their opposition to transgender indoctrination occurring in public schools. The same CPAC that did not find the Log Cabin Republican attacks on Christians as moronic losers too aggressive.

Eight years ago the debate was whether allowing LGBT advocates into CPAC would create a slippery slope that would erode the traditional conservative view of sexuality and family. Today, CPAC seems to be happily sliding down it.

CPAC jumped the shark when they invited a New York City Liberal Democrat to be their keynote speaker.


CPAC has been gone a long time. If inviting Milo to the show wasn't enough, this should just add more fuel to the fire. CPAC hasn't been about conservatism in a long time. It is about making a buck, like most of the conservative movement. Not that there is anything wrong with making money. That is a good thing up until the point where making money overrides any set of principles, standards or willingness to tell the truth. Conservatism cannot survive like that because it is based in truth. Once the truth is sacrificed for political expediency, money or loyalty to a person, it ceases to be conservative at all, even thought it may agree with it on occasion.

In that 2015 filmed discussion, someone suggested that sex-change doctors, gender-confusion-promoting librarians, etc. be told truth with love. [Mass Resistance President Brian] Camenker said that he disagrees with that. This is a culture war, he said, not a church service. If you want them to actually stop, you have to mean business, including being “insulting and degrading” to these sleazy people if necessary. They were planning to be skunks at CPAC's garden party, but should have been allowed in anyway.

Today’s CPAC - what happens when you allow the camel’s nose in the tent. . .

I thought I felt a quake, but it was just the Gipper turning over in his grave.

Well beyond a rather needlessly swipe at Trump, for once I would concur completely with you Mr. Heck. This is rather "Sad!" indeed.