Could Donald Trump, Jr. Be Indicted?

Judge Andrew Napolitano muses over what he feels is a distinct possibility.

So does he have a point?

He may.

Fox News regular, Judge Andrew Napolitano appeared on Wednesday’s SiriusXM broadcast of ABC News chief legal analyst Dan Abram’s show to talk about the hot topics of the day.

For this week, that would have to include the new court filings from special counsel Robert Mueller, regarding former national security adviser, Michael Flynn.

What the public got to see of the paperwork filed was close to nothing. It was heavily redacted and we were left with more questions than answers.

That being said, there was enough to really pique the interest of those of us who have been zeroed in on this entire Russia probe from the beginning, along with news of the various key players (and quite a few peripheral ones).

Among the scant bits allowed to be released to the public, we saw that Flynn has, in the past year, given what special counsel is calling “substantial assistance,” since making his plea agreement in December 2017.

It has been so substantial that Mueller recommended to the court that Flynn receive the minimum sentence possible, including and up to zero jail time.

Flynn, who worked with Donald Trump’s campaign team, as well as the transition team, only served three weeks as national security adviser, before being forced out for giving misleading statements to Vice President Mike Pence.

The retired Lt. general neglected to register as a foreign lobbyist, regarding his pro-Erdogan work for Turkey, and likewise failed to disclose his conversations with then-Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

On Wednesday, Judge Napolitano approached these issues, and added some predictions of his own.

For starters, he believes the raid on Deutsche Bank earlier this week (as I discussed here) may actually be connected to Trump, saying, “the President himself should be extremely uncomfortable about this.”

Deutsche Bank is one of the only banks left that is still willing to do business with the Trump Organization, given Donald Trump’s horrendously bad track record, when it comes to successful businesses and his nasty habit of not paying his debts.

And yes,I know his fan club thinks he’s a great businessman, but when you cut off the reality TV cameras and actually check the books, you realize he’d be a shoe salesman,if not for his daddy’s wealth.

The raid on Deutsche Bank involved a wide-ranging money laundering and tax evasion scheme, an ugly stain on the bank’s reputation that has been there for quite some time.

But back to Michael Flynn and the Tuesday court filing…

Abrams asked the judge if he felt anyone closer to President Trump’s inner circle could be facing indictments, based on what the public knows, now.

According to Napolitano, yes. We should probably expect to see some of those closest to the president take a fall.

Namely: Donald Trump, Jr.

“Yes,” Napolitano said. “I don’t know who, but I do know that Donald Jr. has told friends he expects to be indicted.”

“Do you expect he’d be indicted?” Abrams asked.

“Yes,” Napolitano answered.

He’s less sure about Jared Kushner, but he thinks Jerome Corsi is probably going to be indicted too.

Trump Jr. could likely find himself in hot water for lying about his own contacts with Russians, given the now-infamous June 9, 2016 Trump Tower meeting with the Russian lawyer, as well as several Russian officials, ostensibly to talk about damaging “dirt” on Hillary Clinton.

Jerome Corsi, an author and conspiracy theorist, who gets most of his attention from pimping his nonsense to the tinfoil hat crowd on InfoWars, has been caught in several lies, regarding his contacts with the hackers that stole DNC emails and released them to the public through WikiLeaks during the election.

Kushner has been implicated in so many dirty deals, it’s hard to know where to begin. It suffices to say, I’m just shocked that he hasn’t been perp walked out of the White House, already.

One other tidbit from the court filing on Flynn is that a previously unmentioned “criminal case” was brought up. Speculation over just what that means is high.

We can go ahead and assume that this drama will play out for some time, as further court filings on Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen are expected before the week’s end, as well.

No. 1-7

Electing a president who everyone knows (even his fans) is tied to the Mafia, tied to the Russians, tied to the Saudis and is tied to every other crook in the tri-state reason was kind of a dumb dumb when the corruption we all knew (even his fanboys) he was shoulder deep in got uncovered by even a light probe. And "You have to do that if you want to build in New York" isn't a defense. We didn't need to elect Trump president, period. He asked for the job, we knew what he was involved in and now it's all catching up to him. Que haces aqui, aqui se paga.


And the hits just keep on coming! Turns out that the housekeeper at Trump's golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey, is an illegal immigrant.

Not that that should surprise anyone. Trump has a long history of preferring foreign workers over American workers on his properties, mainly from eastern Europe though--it's how he was able to import his third wife, now First (ahem) Lady.

Will it matter to Trumpsters? Probably not, they are blind to the fraud being committed before their eyes.

The mark will always praise the conman. It's called belief perseverance and contradiction denial.


The other intriguing financial institution in this saga is Vnesheconombank (VEB). It's not a real bank, despite having "bank" right in its name. It's funded directly by Russia's federal government (taxpayers), and is Putin's private slush fund. VEB is also under U.S. sanctions because of their takeover of Crimea. No American is allowed to do business with VEB "bank".

But in pre-sanction 2012, VEB was one of the vanishing few dummies that would finance construction of the Trump Hotel/Towers in Toronto. Of course the place was sold ahead of bankruptcy in 2016, and its stench of failure removed by undergoing a name change last year.

In December, 2016 (post-election/pre-inauguration), Jared Kushner met in New York with Sergei Gorkov, Putin's hand-picked, spy-college-trained Chairman of VEB "bank". Yes, that's VEB, the Russian entity Americans cannot do business with because they're under sanction.

Kushner supposedly explained this all away when he went before Senate investigators last year. Probably batted his eyelashes while he did it, too.


The message Mueller sent in asking for leniency in sentencing for Flynn is, if you cooperate, you don't have to beg for a presidential pardon. He may ask for leniency in sentencing for Cohen as well, but not for Manafort, Stone and Corsi--those guys will receive the harshest sentencing recommendations.

Of course, Trump can pardon them all at the last hour, right before he's run out of office. It would be political suicide if he did so before the 2020 election, but assuming he wins reelection, he can without consequence, as the power is absolute.

Regardless, it's not the Mueller investigation that has Trump worried. Mueller is preparing a report on his findings, not building a case for prosecution. Once submitted to the DOJ, it is uncertain at this time how the acting Attorney General will proceed. Howbeit, with the incoming Democratic majority in the House, odds are the outcome will not be pretty for Trump. As chairmen of several committees, the Democrats can and will subpoena tax returns, business records and transactions, just about anything having to do with the Trump Organization, then all hell will break loose, once those are made public.

Still, what has Trump worried most is the ongoing investigations by the state District Attorneys in Manhattan, which are looking into the Trump Organization and Charity, and in Brooklyn, which are looking into the Kushner Organization. They are building cases for prosecution. Cohen, and more importantly Weisselberg, are both cooperating in those investigations. The president cannot issue pardons for criminal offenses filed in state courts, only for offenses filed in federal courts.

What would these criminal offenses be? Gee, I don't know, but for starters I would guess money laundering, fraud and tax evasion, just to name a few.

Anyone who has taken a clear-eyed view of Trump from the beginning knows his real story. In the 1980s, Congress closed the tax loophole, which Weisselberg exploited, that allowed Trump to count investor losses as personal gains on his tax returns. That left Trump effectively bankrupt.

American banks would no longer loan money to him, after losing so much on his failed hotels and casinos. (What was going on in these establishments? Um, money laundering, particularly by Russian oligarchs.) So he turned to Deutsche Bank, which a long history, has been indicted, convicted and fined for money laundering several times for, yep, you guessed it, money laundering by . . . Russian oligarchs (kleptocrats, actually). More, the sale of condos and other properties to Russian oligarchs, not to mention Saudi and Chinese oligarchs, among others--a $500,000 investment gets you a fast track H2-B visa for citizenship! (That was the sales pitch Ivanka used on international tours for Kushner properties. Jared has a $1 billion balloon payment due on 666 Fifth Avenue in January, so it's no wonder he has his wife, the president's daughter, hawking visas.)

The District Attorneys in Maryland and D.C. have filed suits against Trump for violating the Emoluments Clause, claiming he's illegally profiting from foreign dignitaries renting rooms and hosting events at his International hotel, to curry favor.

So, yeah, I'd say Donald and Junior, and Jared and Ivanka, are very worried.


Frankly, I don't think Trump Sr. had anything to do with Russia from a collusion standpoint. Sure, there's some fuzziness around the dirt on Clinton, but I can't imagine it extends any further than that - and that's pretty silly as it is.

His kids and team however...maybe they were actually engaging in some nefarious nonsense. We shall see.

That said, I do suspect Trump's Achilles will end up being his current and past business dealings. He has such a loooong documented history of bad business behavior...which will probably be his downfall.