Cory Booker is One Bad Actor

It’s hard to blame your writers when the performance is this terrible.

Max Devonshire, Royal Shakespearean Theatre Company of Oxford University
1564 Toil & Trouble Lane
Statford-upon-Avon CV 32 8LS, England

The Honourable Senator Cory A. Booker, c/o “T-Bone”
IHOP Senate Building, Sub-Basement Level 4
Washington, DC 20510

Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings.

Dearest Senator Booker:

It has come to our attention that you have been boasting to your Senate colleagues and select media figures about your brief stint with the RSTCOU whilst you were a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford, drawing upon that experience as inspiration for your much-ballyhooed performance “grilling” Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Specifically, you referred to an incidence of high-drama in which you revealed supposedly classified documents and then declared—if I am reading this correctly—that this was your “I am Spartacus!” moment, and that you didn’t care if such infractions would lead to your ultimate removal from the Senate.

Sadly, for us, this has turned into the proverbial straw that has broken the camel’s back. After consulting with our fellow members, we have unanimously decided to ask that you cease and desist using any reference to the RSTCOU in connection with whatever hijinks, shenanigans, tomfoolery, and general resume-padding in which you engage during what is supposed to be Senate business. Rest assured, we did not arrive at this decision lightly. Point of fact, we actually considered imposing these sanctions during the hearings to confirm your Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen (even “Red Ken” Livingstone thought that business with the jazz hands was a bit much); but in the interests of comity between the United States and Great Britain, we held our tongues and bore our embarrassment. Your antics with Judge Kavanaugh, however, were simply too much, and we have our reputations to consider.

If it had simply been a matter of you pretending that you had broken the rules by mentioning “classified” documents that had already been approved for release, we might have been able to overlook these antics. But the shameless methods that you employed to burnish your ersatz “tough guy” image—specifically, calling Senator John Cornyn “a bully” and telling him, through reporters no less, to “bring it”—required a suspension of disbelief not seen since Boy George made a guest appearance on The A-Team. It hardly speaks well of the Senate, much less the profession of acting.

I should also remind you that your activities with the RSTCOU consisted primarily of being a stage hand, and not much of one at that. Need I remind you of our production of Romeo and Juliet, when you mistakenly switched the poison vials for the suicide scene with guest performer Jeff Portnoy’s sample from his mandatory drug test? That could have been a disaster had we not caught it in time. Additionally, the one play in which you did have a minor speaking role was marred when you butchered your only line. Honestly, who confuses “verily” with “merrily”?

I do hope that you understand our concerns, and comport yourself accordingly.

Yours with the Bard,

No. 1-6

Booker was a crooked Mayor.


Look at the total Kavenaugh hearing, not just Se.n. Booker. Knowng they would not win, they planned for Chaos or circus.. The confirmation was nothing but delay and grandstanding tactics. With the antics displayed here as the face of the Democrat party, how far do you trust them on issues? Look at the views of the Democrat panel


More gun control. Many want more gun control, while ignoring brute force and other weapons. Gun control will do nothing about mental illness

The right to an abortion is settled law. There can be separation between abortion and the pill. Should be able to control the funding, not the courts.

Immigration a Pandora box It deals with: legals, illegals, refugees protecting the border, abolishing ICE, path or no path to citizenship,, the wall, human trafficking, drug smuggling.

Higher taxes and more regulation

Allowing jobs to be created.

Being able to keep and show our religious freedom. Ability of patriotic is is now being challenged.


The Democratic field for 2020 so far is less than inspiring. Joe Biden is leading the field, who will be 75 if elected. Kamala Harris is a newcomer, with the same amount of experience as Obama, and Elizabeth Warren is...well Elizabeth Warren. Andrew Cuomo, Cory Booker, Deval Patrick... I don't think there's a real A-player in the group.


Kavanaugh perjured himself multiple times in front of the Senate. He will probably be impeached from his current seat on the court, and if he's confirmed to the SC he may well be impeached from that court.

Nobody objected to Gorsuch like this, who wasn't a slime ball. Republicans need to give up on this guy and move on to the next candidate. It's not like they won't get what they want eventually.

Robert Heckler
Robert Heckler

This is pure propaganda. Please retract this article. The Republicans did not release 90 percent of the information about Kavanaugh's history, including how he perjured himself when testifying to congress, now three times. Booker was able to get his hands on this information and release it to the public, something that the devious Republicans would not do. The Republican party is the embodiment of corruption and if you are focusing on those who are confronting them, instead of the real criminals, then you have truly missed the boat.