Corey Lewandowski Mocks Notion of Down's Syndrome Child Separated From Her Mom

The Fox News segment descended into an immediate shouting match.

So former Trump campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, is pretty much a garbage human being.

Most people probably picked that up during the election, when he put his Lilliputian hands on a female reporter and nearly snatched her to the floor.

He later claimed that the pen in her hand could have been a knife, or some such nonsense.

Well, the vile Mr. Lewandowski is back at it, and he’s in rare form.

While appearing as part of a Fox News panel discussion on the situation at the border, he squared off with Zac Petkanas, a former senior DNC adviser.

At one point, Petkanas brought up the case of a 10 year old girl with Down’s Syndrome, who was separated from her mom.

Petkanas had barely began to give the example, when a disinterested Lewandowski interrupted his narrative by saying, “womp, womp.”

A heated shouting match between Petkanas and Lewandowski ensued.

Lewandowski was disrespectful, heartless, rude, and this will absolutely be used in a long list of Democrat campaign ads.

Republicans brought this on themselves by inviting people like Lewandowski into the party.

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To be clear, Corey's sentiment is 100% consistent with Trump and the other immigration hard-liners. They do not consider these people human beings, but rather unwanted pests. As such if one of the Animals has some sort of medical condition, then, well, who cares.

For the first time in this (illegitimate) presidency I am happy with an outcome: Trump is teaching America the reality of the philosophy behind the hard-line immigration foes.


This is the type of low life, degenerate/thug, that gas light trump loves to defend and have working for him!!! trump is as evil and vulgar as they get, as he loves to surround himself with corey serpents, and this serpent now works for pence!!! The stench is worse than elephant dung, which many Evangelicals now love to smell!!!


The entire Trump orbit is garbage. This is just another of "only the best people" he surrounds himself with.


How many other countries in this world would this subject even be a talking point? The REAL question is this: How are these children being maintained while their parents are being processed? Are they under good supervision. well fed. and otherwise well taken care of? We have to keep in mind that the parents of these children have placed them in this position in the first place by breaking our laws, and if what I have read is true a significant number of children do not even belong to the people who are escorting them and using them to illegally gain entry into this country.