Conservative Leaders Implore WaPo To Change Jennifer Rubin's Conservative Label

Jennifer Rubin's Trump Derangement Syndrome gets so bad, the American Principles Project calls out WaPo

Once reliably right of center in the Romney-Bush variety, Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin has gone off the rails since the nomination and election of President Trump. As first pointed out in depth by Charles C.W. Cooke at National Review, the election of a man she opposed caused her to reverse her position on fundamental issues such as moving the U.S.Embassy to Jerusalem and the Paris Climate Accords.

And she has only gotten worse. Her rhetoric has been scathing towards GOP leaders who support Brett Kavanaugh and she regularly denigrates Trump supporters in her columns, on her Twitter timeline and on television. While she is not the only member of the Conservative commentariat to have completely abandoned ship, she is one of the only ones who remains designated "Conservative" by her news outlet.

She has become so toxic to the label, even those who fell into the#NeverTrump bucket during the election and have gravitated towards Trump agnostic or Trump skeptical are appalled. She is consistently quote tweeted by people who did not abandon every position and principle they ever had to own Trump as an example of what Conservatives don't actually think. Often these tweets ask WaPo to correct her "Conservative" title.

Pleas to WaPo on the social media site have now been formalized.

Signed by thirty-seven leaders of Conservative and Republic organizations, the letter calls the continued designation of Jennifer Rubin and a Conservative or member of the political Right a credibility issue for the media outlet and points out the following:

The letter goes on the list the issues where Rubin has sided against traditional Conservative and Republican beliefs and requests the outlet hire someone that can actually write eloquent and accurate articles about mainstream Conservative and Republican positions. The concern is clearly that she is designated this way for readers who may not understand that her hatred of Trump has made her a caricature. Those of us who have watched the process are all well aware.

It will be interesting to see if WaPo responds to a formal request. I have my doubts given The Atlantic's booting of Kevin Williamson and embrace of Jemele Hill. Or The New York Times staunch support for Sarah Jeong despite her Twitter commentary. Let's hope for a pleasant surprise.

No. 1-4

WaPo has no means to measure outside their echo chamber. Within that chamber, she's the furthest from their extreme left leaning hence her moniker. This is the same logic that leads MSM to label Ms. McCaskill "moderate Democrat" - Dems only get more liberal past that point.

"Center" is a relative term, "average" if you will. Dems, having moved further and further left, shifted the "center" into what was once considered crazy liberal in the 60's and 70's. So most anyone even a whit outside leftist group-think is labelled "conservative" or "right-wing". Those of us that have been true conservatives for decades, use a different measure - today's Repub party is not conservative, nor effective representing conservative policy.


The term "conservative" has lost all meaning in the age of Trump. Trumpism is not conservatism.

Robert       Moore
Robert Moore

Also no longer conservatives or Republicans:

  • Jeff Sessions
  • John Kasich
  • Mitt Romney
  • Every single former Republican president
  • Every single former Republican member of congress
  • James Comey
  • Robert Mueller
  • Every single Republican working for the FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA, or any other Federal agency that opposes Russia
  • Any Republican or conservative that opposes Trump in any tangible way

The only genuine "Trump Derangement Syndrome" is the mindset that motivates anybody to done a MAGA cap and shill for Donald Trump.