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Congresswoman Mia Love Leads The Way

There are no-brainer issues in politics that people are afraid to touch. Human trafficking should not be one of them.

We all know the hot button issues in politics. They seem to be the polarizing ones that everyone wants to talk about all the time. Abortion, marriage, gun rights, etc. Just sitting there I am sure you can add a few more to that short list.

One that no one seems to want to talk about is human trafficking. My hometown of Fort Worth is a hotbed of it. It's big. It's ugly and it's an problem that hides in the corner shadows of our political construct.

It should not.

It's a huge issue for us and one that is a winning issue for any politician who will take it up and force it to the forefront of our national conscience. Which is why when I saw the press release from Congresswoman Mia Love's office this morning, I thought, "That is what winning looks like." It's problems and solutions like these that Republicans should be hammering all day long.

The infinite worth of people is an issue Republicans should own. In fact, it's why the party was created.

That is not to say we as conservatives lose our focus on abortion and marriage. No, we fight just as hard each and every day on those issues.

However, when we are presented an issue like ending human trafficking, we should forcefully take the lead. Kudos to Mia Love for doing this. She is articulate (see this YouTube clip) and just who we need leading on this issue.

Well part of the reason no one talks about human trafficking is, unlike hot button issues, no one really disagrees that its wrong. And most people would end it if they could. Its just a problem far removed from the typical voter's day to day life and is thus less likely to influence a voter one way or the other compared to the issue of "Jobs" or "Marriage" or what have you. Further, whatever her good intentions, I'm not sure getting the government more involved in private transactions is the unalloyed good you are presenting it as.


This is a sick & evil side of humanity that I'm afraid is going to blow in many, many "important people's" faces. Money, power, loss of any kind of guiding principles, the push for the last several decades towards nihilism through the "science" of Darwinism, the loss of community & neighborhoods, etc. This is going to take strong people standing firm to abolition of this ancient evil in modern times.

BiggDoggie: Darwin was a scientist who observed reality for decades before drawing rational conclusions and publishing them.

By contrast, all opposition to his science is moronic idiocy, combined with superstition.