“Cocaine Mitch” Trolls Don Blankenship in the Most Entertaining Way

McConnell’s message to the losing West Virginia Senate candidate was hilarious!

The West Virginia Senate race became one of the most bizarre in a long time thanks to the antics of candidate Don Blankenship. The businessman and ex-convict released an unintentionally funny ad a few days ago.

The “China people” phrase refers to McConnell’s wife Elaine Chao, while “Cocaine Mitch” refers to drugs found on a ship owned by Chao’s father’s company. The Senate Majority Leader went so far as to answer his phone with “Cocaine Mitch.”

Blankenship wound up losing his bid for the Senate, and McConnell took the opportunity to “congratulate” Blankenship on his efforts – and the result was glorious.

The McConnell tweet refers to the Netflix series Narcos, and the show’s official Twitter account weighed in too.

It’s nice to see that McConnell has a sense of humor, but more importantly it’s nice to see that we have one less bad candidate beclowning the GOP this year.

Now, if McConnell only had a sense of Republican constitutional governance, as opposed to Deep State appeasement, then he would really be funny.


The problem is that while McConnell may not be always wrong in opposing bad candidates, he is always wrong in opposing good ones. If there is a good, actual conservative candidate, you can bet that Mitch's team and donors will be in full support of someone else. Cruz, Lee, Paul and Rubio were all opposed by McConnell in favor of more swampy, more liberal candidates.

The reason is that McConnell and his allies are the problem. They don't believe in and support what we believe in and support. Blankenship seemed to be trying to do his best Trump impersonation, but it doesn't seem to work for anyone but Trump. There are way too many legitimate issues to criticize McConnell about rather than the ethnicity of his wife and some drugs found on his in-laws boat. Unless Mitch is in the business, he isn't responsible for his own parents, much less his in-laws. I don't get passing over the real criticisms of McConnell to go after race and some obscure issue that no one knows about. The ad was funny, but ineffective in doing anything other than providing entertainment. It certainly didn't present Blankenship as a serious candidate. (Yes, I said that about Trump too and we see what people thought about that.)

Anything that gives McConnell a primary victory is bad because his track record is pathetic. A win in avoiding another embarrassment in a winnable race is a Pyhrric victory if it strengthens McConnell's grip on power. The fact that they guy was even on the radar with this type of ad reflects just how terrible McConnell's leadership has been.


The narrative being crafted is that only with Mitch's guiding hands and divine inspiration can a candidate "win in the general" with the end result being pushes to make the already-too-machined primaries even more machined so that only McConnell's disciples can win them, neverminding how openly and back-handedly insulting it is to say that Republican Voters "have too much power" over primaries. Blackenship was never in position to win that race, so why was he blown up into such a threat? So that McConnell could make the case against "Conservatives".

I loathe McConnell

In Texas, when we see McConnell's picture what we really see is a turtle stuck on a post on a barbwire fence out in the middle of nowhere...