Clyburn Plays The Race Card

Robert Draper tweeted that Clyburn had suggested that Conyer's accusers were lying because they were white women.

According to tweets from Robert Draper, writer for National Geographic and The New York Times Magazine, Democrat Congressman James Clyburn of South Carolina attempted to defend his colleague in the House of Representatives by comparing John Conyers's accusers to convicted killer Susan Smith.

Clyburn seemed to be implying that in both cases, white women had falsely accused black men of very serious criminal behavior.

There are two problems with Clyburn's defense of John Conyers.

First problem: Marion Brown , one of Conyers' alleged victims to speak publicly, is black.

The second problem is that Conyers paid a legal settlement to the women accusing him of sexual harassment. He even had the audacity to use taxpayer funds to pay for his personal indiscretions.

The Congressional Black Caucus defended Clyburn, saying he “used the Smith example to illustrate the dangers of convicting people before getting all the facts.”

Hmmm. Will that same "benefit of the doubt" be applied by the CBC to the Roy Moore situation in Alabama? That's very unlikely, because Moore is no longer a Democrat.

Typical political hypocrisy is on full display in Washington, D.C.

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We should be grateful that Clyburn said what he did, about one thing only: "Can't trust white women." Well, Mr. Clyburn. go down to Alabama and straighten out that mess with that statement and add to the hypocrisy. It's about as valid as the rest of the nonsense going on about Roy Moore is. What is that saying about letting something go to waste? Well, Democrats would try it, they try everything under the sun, like Mikey will try Life Cereal. We need to just quit playing by their rules. This would be a good start.


Clyburn is clearly a racist. And his racism cuts in two directions. He accuses (by inference) white women of being prejudiced toward their attacker/assaulter because he is white. And then, because no one is denying that Conyers committed the crimes, Clyburn goes even further in insulting African-American women. He proceeds with the assumption that the reason only one of them has complained is because "they know their place." He didn't say that expressly, but there is no other possible reason for them to remain silent in the wake of such mistreatment. Clyburn appears to be a very despicable man...


James Clyburn is my representative, and I know him to be one of the most racist politicians that I have ever met. We get just what we deserve when we let these fools stay in power long past their effectiveness.