Christian Satire Site Teases Ken Ham, Atheists Respond by Roasting Themselves

Angry atheists who seem to do little else besides stalk Ken Ham’s Twitter feed, miss satire & manage to own themselves.

By now, the fame and recognition of the Christian satire news site, The Babylon Bee, has spread significantly. The mere fact that left-wing internet rumor site Snopes has been snookered into “fact-checking” them on a number of occasions tells you that they are good at what they do.

And with a little good-natured self-deprecation by one of their recent subjects, a bunch of humorless, angry atheists got played recently.

It all started when the Bee ran a “story” entitled, “Ken Ham Ejected From Theater For Yelling ‘WRONG’ Every Time ‘Jurassic World’ Actors Say ’65 Million Years.’” Ham, of course, is the president and founder of the apologetics organization Answers in Genesis, and outspoken advocate of a literal interpretation of the Bible’s depiction of a 6-day creation of the world.

The story included the Bee’s customary snark and impeccably-placed sarcasm:

Each time the actors said phrases like “millions of years” or “aeons of evolution,” Ham would reportedly yell “INCORRECT,” “WRONG,” or “DECEIVERS!” at the film, before booing loudly and throwing popcorn and other snacks at the screen…

“Yeah, we’ve had to remove Ham a few times,” a theater manager said. “He chained himself to the movie theater screen and refused to come down during a showing of X-Men Apocalypse a couple years ago, yelling something about mutations not being beneficial to the chances of an organism’s survival. Weird dude.”

Ham, for his part, found the story hilarious and even referenced it on his Twitter feed:

“Ha! The irony is that the intolerant atheists protest what I and Answers in Genesis do, but we don’t do that to them – but I think The Babylon Bee is onto something, and I should do this. :) ”

But a number of angry atheists who seem to do little else besides stalk Ken Ham’s Twitter feed, decided to pounce, and in the process ended up owning themselves by failing to pick up on the satire. They actually thought Ham threw popcorn at the screen:

Tim Fuller chimed in:

“Militant Creationist. Possible jail time. There you go. #hoboheretic Enjoy.”

GodHatesMarcus was incredulous:

“Are you really that sad that you would yell during a movie for you outlandish theological views?!”

MachinaMaxima got profane:

“You were ejected because people were trying to watch the film, and you were preventing them from doing that you d***head. If atheist protest outside either of your “attractions” we don’t actually try to stop people going to experiencing it. Not like you did for those people.”

Chris, though punctuationally-challenged, also felt as though this kind of behavior was beneath atheists:

“So rude and ignorant how would you react if someone was to come into your boat and start shouting “lies, wrong, etc etc” your message is clearly inaccurate, yet I doubt any atheist would follow [your] example.”

And “A In Theist” is just done:

“Even witnesses say your (sic) a weird man. Seriously throwing snacks at the screen you paid knowing to see this but no you have to ruin a movie because your stupid religion can’t do real science and know the real age of things.”

Well done as always, Bee.

No. 1-4

Sorry, where is "lowering taxes" in the Bible?

I think Erick was just discussing this: Republicans can no longer distinguish between their Bible and their political party. In the 1980s, Republicans started the process of mixing politics and religion. Politics won. Politics ate religion.


Please, RC, tell us all how anti-Christian (and anti- conservative) Trump is! Saving babies, lowering taxes, cutting govt, cutting regs & stuff for businesses, standing securely against the liberal blatherings & threats, securing our borders, strengthening our military, and etc. Please explain to us how Trump is evil, because he sinned 12+ YEARS ago, how he is walking tall now & standing quite firmly against liberal scalliwags (Waters!), and then tell us WHO out there would have done/accomplished HALF as much as he has done. You know very well that when things are getting done, the louder the progressive left is, the more correct the actions are!


So a few atheists are duped by a satire site. Seems to me the bigger issue we have right now is so many Christians have been duped into thinking Trump is somehow doing good, when they are so clearly opposite to the teachings of Jesus.


Is it "stalking" if you follow someone and they post?

As for these responses. Yeah that's embarrassing. The babylon bee doesn't hide that it's a satirical website. And their stories are wonderfully absurd. (Unlike some "satirical" websites that don't seem to understand satire).

In an age when anyone can post anything it's important to verify information before posting responses.